Iranian artist Ardeshir Mohasses in New York show to August 3 2008





Art and Satire, Asia Society

Art and Satire, Asia Society









IRANIAN ARTIST SHOW NEW YORK  ASIA SOCIETY — To Aug. 3 2008: Ardeshir Mohassess: Art and Satire in Iran.”

The exhibition, guest curated by Shirin Neshat whose photographs are well known in the West, focuses on monochromatic ink drawings by Mohassess who was born in Iran  and now lives in New York.

The drawings were created between 1976 and 2000, and are divided in two sections: before and after the 1979 revolution that instated the theocracy. Mohassess started to draw and illustrate while in Iran, but the political and social commentary in his work attracted the eye of the Shah’s secret police and he had to leave Iran, choosing to remain in the United States after 1979.


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