Caochangdi, Beijing's newest art if Anish Kapoor designed an art quarter in his spare time

ARTS DISTRICT BEIJING CHINA Now Caochang-di is not yet on the radar of hotels and cab drivers, but it is quite extraordinary.
In effect, it’s a gallery quarter where the most interesting buildings have been designed by Ai Weiwei, one of the two or three most important Chinese artists. It’s as if Anish Kapoor had designed an art quarter in his spare time.

It’s in Caochang-di that you can find the unmissable. For example, there’s the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, where you can see major exhibitions of established and emerging Chinese and international artists; Platform, one of the most serious art-spaces in China, which showcases artists from all over the country; and Universal Studios, which offers exhibitions on contemporary visual arts, film, architecture and design. The list of interesting galleries there grows and grows, and New York galleries are moving there as quickly as they can.
But how to find Caochang-di?

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