Hong Kong artist Joey Leung is Saatchi online critic's choice October 2008

'Banana Fashion'


Reminiscent of Ming and Yuan dynasty art, Joey Leung’s work tells a pictorial story in a manner which falls somewhere between a modern cartoon strip and ancient Chinese scrolls. The scratchy fine drawings of fantastic fruit, animals and stick-like humans resemble the ancient pictographs from which today’s Chinese calligraphy has evolved.

Although the form, tone and colours are inspired by classical Chinese art, the subject matter is contemporary and fiercely satirical. In ‘Banana Fashion’ human forms preen, strut and frolic across the paper forming an involved pattern as they indulge in licentiousness and excessive consumption. Oblivious to their surroundings, their narcissistic posing gives the viewer a deliciously sharp reminder that those who consume excessively are themselves consumed.

(By Kate Evans for Saatchi Online see more images on Saatchi website)

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