Film director Oliver Stone in Hong Kong for artist talk with Yi Zhou – South China Morning Post



From the South China Morning Post:

‘OK we know Oliver Stone as an agit-political film director and fierce critic of American Society but as a Chinese art commentator? It came as a bit of a surprise for us to learn from the Ooi Botos Gallery that the controversial filmmaker -whose filmography includes Platoon, Natural Born Killers, JFK, Nixon and his newest movie W. about George Bush’s presidency now playing in the US – is comig to the city atthe end of November to participate in and artist talk with Paris-based mainland-born multimedia artist Yi Zhou.

It seems the intimate discussion forum on Sunday November 30 will be at the Living Room of the W hotel. The gallery is presenting Yi’s first local exhibition “My Heart Laid Bare” and the two cultural icons will discuss their perspectives and modus operandi. Moderating the panel is the Hanart Gallery’s curator Johnson Chang Tsong-zung.

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