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Diverse works by 10 Korean contemporary artists including MOMA acquired artist Jung Yeon Doo are now on display for the exhibition “To Have or To Be”, organized by the Korea Foundation at Hong Kong Visual Arts until 4 December 2008.

“Korean artists are more abstract than the Chinese or Japanese,” said curator Choi Eun Ju, director of the National Museum of Art in Deoksugung. “Chinese artists tend to be cynical, the Japanese like to reflect their pop culture, while the Koreans do art for art’s sake to reflect their own feeling.”

Take Hong Soo Yeun for example, whose work features abstract shapes on a red canvas. “To me, image or figure doesn’t mean anything. My piece is called Casting Call because it’s up to the interpretation of the audience,” she said.


There are two works by Yee Sook Yung, one featuring four similar paintings of female shamans holding herbs and white vases. A similar theme is explored in Translated Vases, which Yee pieces together pieces of broken vases with gold paint.

“She wants her work to have a healing function, as everything she draws symbolizes longevity. The sculpture illustrates the possibility of rejects being reborn into beautiful things,” says Choi.

Meanwhile, surrealist Jung Yeon Doo uses edited photos to show the contradiction between dreams and reality. “Jung helps the characters in his work to fulfill their dreams by putting them into a picture he created. But he leaves traces of the fake combination behind to remind us of the difference between fantasy and reality,” said Choi. (Read original story in The Standard.)

The New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has recently acquired the media work “Documentary Nostalgia” by Korean artist Jung Yeon-doo. He becomes the second Korean whose work has been purchased by the world-renowned museum, following former Nam June Paik, a performer and artist widely considered the inventor of video art. (Read more.)

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Ten must see Korean artists including MoMA artist Jung Yeondoo in Hong Kong show – The Standard — 1 Comment

  1. I find it quite interesting to hear that MoMA is now collecting Korean art; also, I get the impression that they have a fair bit more Asian art than I’d thought.

    I say this is interesting because a year or so ago, I remember going there and skimming through the list of artists whose works were on display (there’s a list at the Information Desk), and being surprised and annoyed to find no Murakami, no Xu, no Wang, no Zhang… I decided at that point that MoMA has missed the boat on Asian Contemporary Art, and that they’re still stuck in a US/Eurocentric conception of “modern art”.

    But I guess I was wrong? Do they actually have a fair collection of East Asian contemporary art and they just don’t tend to show it as much?

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