Holiday season gift ideas for art collectors, artists and art enthusiasts click here

Find lots of inexpensive gift ideas for art lover in our Art Radar shop:

  • subscriptions to the top magazines ranging from Canvas  which covers the Middle East to Asian Art News which is one of our favourites to Sculpture News for the latest about contemporary sculpture


  • how about a good book – if art is too expensive and exhibitions are too far away, a book of luscious images makes a great alternative. We have a selection of the best covering the art scenes in India, Japan, Indonesia and more. We also have books on collecting – our favouite is Bamberger’s The Art of Buying Art – and the art markets and books for those working – or aspiring to work – in the arts. Why not have a browse….click books.



  • gadgets for artniks – make store and share images of your collection, art you like, art you make.

Thank you for purchasing through this shop which helps to support the running of this site.

Art Radar Shop

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