Which are the top 10 international contemporary art fairs?


The top ten art fairs in the world attracting the largest numbers of galleries are:

1. Art Basel, which is by far the leader with 304 exhibitors, followed by

2. Art Basel Miami (248 galleries),

3. Art Cologne (191),

4. Fiera di Bologne (165),

5. ARCO (164) in Madrid

6. Art Chicago (158),

7. the Armory Show (158 galleries) in New York,

8. MiArt (156) in Milan,

9. the Frieze Art Fair (150) in London and

10. the FIAC (149 galleries) in Paris.

“In statistical terms there is a relationship between the reputation or prestige of the fairs and their size. At the other end of the ranking, the small fairs only attract a dozen or several dozen exhibitors (e.g. Glasgow Art Fair, Art Paris Abu Dhabi and Print Basel)” says Professor Quemin of Paris University.

Artprice, the French auction price database company has produced a report Contemporary Art Market 2007/2008 in which Alain Quemin, Professor of Art Sociology at Paris University analyses 51 Art Fairs selected by Artprice and their 4658 gallery participations to produce this list.

Artprice report Contemporary Art Market 2007/2008 This 99 page report is free to download and contains information about auction, fair and geographical trends and artist prices for the year to June 30 2008.

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