Indian art gallery Bodhi closes New York, soon to close elsewhere


Bodhi art gallery, the sole Indian art gallery that had branches in three international cities, has shut shop in New York and will soon close down in Berlin too. Remaining quite tight-lipped, Sharmistha Ray from Bodhi art gallery confirms, “We have closed down the New York gallery and we will be closing the one in Berlin by mid-February.” Sources allege that they will soon close their galleries in Delhi and Singapore as well.

Sources: Groundreport

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Indian art gallery Bodhi closes New York, soon to close elsewhere — 3 Comments

  1. i heard that the reason that bodhi is closing its other branches is due to the recent appointment of a new gallery director who is based in hong kong. the idea behind the shift is so that they can can consolidate all operations and have a more focus attention in developing their business strategically. not forgetting that hk is a tax free heaven for the arts – that is incentive enough for a move from spore. i thought i heard that they are keeping the mumbai gallery… can’t really recall now since i heard this 3 weeks ago…

  2. Can any of our readers in India answer Melvin’s question? It would be great to hear the latest on-the-ground news.

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