Art Radar needs your help….

We have been mulling and scratching our heads and doing a lot of thinking….. What kind of information is needed about contemporary Asian art? What are the problems, what is missing, what could be expanded and what could be done better?

Well – we came up with an idea. But before we go ahead and develop our idea we would like to humbly request your input.

If you like Art Radar and feel that you would like to give us something back for the free content our team has been creating over the last 2 years, we would love it if you would give  us just 6 minutes of your time for a 10 question survey.

Click through to find out about our idea and take a very quick survey

Thanks so much!


Art Radar needs your help…. — 2 Comments

  1. Greetings from Masonville, Colorado.
    Your site is excellent. Just what i have been looking for.
    I am a practicing artist and teach at a small community college.
    Among the classes i teach is contemporary art.An exhibition of “Contemporary Indian Art” is coming in June to an area museum here,the Loveland Museum.As you know there are numerous definitions by market standards of the word “contemporary”.I need to know what is happening based on a site like yours. Most importantly,for me,now,is finding information on who is writing theory and criticism on Contemporary Indian Art from a first voice perspective. I need to be able to place this upcoming exhibition in a reliable context. Best and thank you very much. You may find information about me at two and which is a blog i and other area artists edit. Jennie Kiessling.

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