ArtTactic reports higher confidence in the Chinese art market – resource alert


According to the ArtTactic Chinese Contemporary Art Market Confidence Indicator, perception of contemporary Chinese Art has improved significantly. This development is to be expected, considering the success of last spring’s (and more recently this autumn’s) auctions in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Ai Weiwei and Cai Guoqiang currently share the top spot in the long-term artist longevity indicator. Other artists ranking in the top ten of the confidence indicator include Cao Fei, Chen WenboFang Lijun, Zeng Fanzhi and Liu Ye.

Overall, the report signifies a good climate for acquiring blue-chip contemporary Chinese artists, most especially those that cater to overlapping domestic and international collectors. After all, auctions (particularly in Hong Kong) demonstrate a certain cultural partiality towards long-term value and stability thus making confidence analysis more significant. Also, there is a foreseen increase in value for some contemporary Chinese artists and these artists may be more difficult to find in the coming years.

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