3331 Arts Chiyoda takes chill off winter, residence facilities at discounted rate


The 3331 Arts Chiyoda centre based in Akihabara, Tokyo has announced a special offer to those wishing to take part in its Artist & Curator Residence Program. Throughout November and December the residence and studio facilities are being offered to artists at a special rate of 200,000 yen (normally 280,000 yen) per month. This is a multidisciplinary residence program that applies to virtually any form of artistic expression.

3331 Art Chiyoda Gallery, 2010, Image coutesy of 3331 Art Chiyod

Tokyo's 3331 Art Chiyoda Gallery in 2010. Image courtesy of 3331 Art Chiyoda.

The 3331 Artist & Curator Residence Program offers international artists, including those in visual arts, curatorial work, music, dance and more, the opportunity to participate and extend their work in the midst of Tokyo. The special offer through November and December includes a residence and studio space for 200,000 yen per month (click here for an up to date currency conversion).

3331 Art Chiyoda Residence, 2010, Image coutesy of 3331 Art Chiyoda

A view of the living spaces for artists-in-residence at 3331 Art Chiyoda, an art space in Tokyo. Image courtesy of 3331 Art Chiyoda.

The studio and residence can be shared by up to three artists if desired. Artists are not only able to enjoy the offerings of Tokyo but are also able to work on site and to exhibit in the art centre’s gallery at the end of their stay at 3331 Arts Chiyoda.

3331 Art Chiyoda Community Space, 2010, Image coutesy of 3331 Art Chiyoda

The community space at Tokyo's 3331 Art Chiyoda. Image courtesy of 3331 Art Chiyoda.

The 3331 Arts Chiyoda centre, which opened its doors in March of this year, is a new initiative based on extending the traditional arts space of museums and galleries and exists to open up opportunities for those from all walks of life and in a variety of arts.

The centre provides exhibition space, workshop facilities, meeting rooms, office space for arts organisations, independent galleries and more. Furthermore, it is made available to people of all ages and disciplines, students and experts, who have a curiosity or interest in the arts. The centre, situated in the heart of Tokyo is designed to act not only as a hub for contemporary arts in Tokyo and Japan but also as an international centre for arts practitioners.

Click here for more information on or applications for the 3331 Artist & Curator Residence Program.


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