Indonesian ethnicity on display in national gallery show


“Ethnicity Now”, held at the Indonesian National Gallery in December this year, was expected to be a “small step towards cultivating … pride in an Indonesian art that is rooted in local culture and tradition.” It has, however, been followed by mixed reviews. Some say the Indonesian-made artwork in the exhibition failed to reflect or emphasise the show’s title. Others were impressed by the brilliance, uniqueness and diversity of the display.

Art Radar attended the show and took some photos. Take a look at our images, mixed with some from Garis Art Space, and share your thoughts. Do you think the exhibition missed its mark?

Click here to read more about “Ethnicity Now” at the organising art space, Garis’ website. For further reading, The Jarkata Post has published an editorial on the exhibition.

The exhibition was organised by Garis Art Space and curated by Jim Supangkat. Eight Indonesian artists – I Wayan Bendi, I Made Djirna, Heri Dono, Samuel Indratma, Angki Purbandono, Indieguerillas and Yudi Sulistya – were invited to participate because, as Garis Art Space state on their website, “they are but a few [of the] artists still upholding their ‘mother’ culture and tradition.”


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Indonesian ethnicity on display in national gallery show — 2 Comments

  1. Adri, it’s great to see some more people out there blogging about Indonesian art. We are continually trying to include more and more coverage of the Southeast Asian region.

  2. Wow! i didn’t now Art Radar Journal was at the show too!?
    hey, i’m blogging about Art too, if you have a time please have a look, sorry about the langue, its in bahasa Indonesia^_^

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