Contemporary art blogs in 2010: Who made the Arts Media Contacts top 10?


Ten art blogs have been announced as the best on the World Wide Web by Arts Media Contacts. The company, who publish art media directories, asked for submissions last year for their competition, Top Art Blogs of 2010, and received a “huge number” of entries, narrowed down to ten by reader vote and their own judging process.

Top Art Blog 2010 ARTSmediacontacts

While reading through the selection comments, we noticed a few points that seemed to really make a blog stand out: great search functionality and a website that works as promised; beautiful and clear design; an interactive community of readers; regular reporting; knowledgeable and/or qualified contributors; content that is honest and can be trusted; lots of well-presented images of art.

Some of our thoughts are mirrored in Arts Media Contacts‘ official judging criteria. The blogger must…

  • have something to contribute to the debate on art
  • have carried out genuine and independent research on their subject
  • post regularly and encourage an interactive community or readership
  • have a good-looking blog with interesting graphics and images

But here’s what we know you’re really interested in. The Arts Media Contacts top 10 art blogs for 2010 are:

1. Vandalog | Top Art Blog of the Year

Why? Arts Media Contacts says, “A perfect blog. Regular and interesting postings about street art across the world … and it is all very nicely brought together by its editor, RJ Rushmore.”

Vandalog |

Vandalog |

2. ArtsJournal | Art News Blog of the Year

Why? Arts Media Contacts says, “With its daily digest of the art news, seventeen highly qualified bloggers and a huge following, Arts Journal wins a top prize here. … Clear sections … and the bloggers include leading figures in the academic and art world.”

3. Jonathan Jones on Art | Art Blogger of the Year

Why? Arts Media Contacts says, “Jonathan’s short blogs fuel your brain and tell you exactly what you should go and see. Working for The Guardian, his brief must be to feature events of ‘national interest’, but he manages to weave into this an eclectic mix of shows across the country. … The number of daily comments on his site shows that he a serious community of followers.”

Jonathan Jones on Art |

Jonathan Jones on Art |

4. The Art Newspaper – Fairs | Art Magazine Blog of the Year

Why? Arts Media Contacts says, “The well-designed and up-to-the-minute newsletters drop into your inbox feeding you with news, opinion and gossip on the daily events at Frieze and Miami.”

5. Cathedral of Shit | Art Polemic Blog of the Year

Why? Arts Media Contacts says, “If you like a bitter rant against the art establishment with lots of expletives, then this blog is for you. It is very active, with plenty of anonymous researchers on the ground picking holes in government policy and exposing in-fighting, hypocrisy and nepotism in the art world. … The design is pretty basic but the comment notable.”

6. 1000 Words Photography | Photography Blog of the Year

Why? Arts Media Contacts says, “This photography blog highlights a sensational array of photographers…. The blog, written mostly by Tim Clark, offers a mixture of well-written book and exhibition reviews, advice to photographers and news of fairs and competitions. The organisation also runs events….”

1000 Words Photography |

1000 Words Photography |

7. SelfSelector | New Art Blogger of the Year

Why? Arts Media Contacts says, “Loads of people put forward Lorena Muñoz-Alonso for art blogger of the year. Lorena reviews exhibitions in such a way that you feel that you have been there. She asks enough questions about the art to challenge it, but she is not deliberately controversial or egotistical.”

8. Armagh O’clock | Artist’s Blog of the Year

Why? Arts Media Contacts says, “We have a preference here for the artist blogs that simply bring you behind the scenes…. This blog … is an excellent example of an artist writing a journal on the development of a project. It brings you into the making of the work over the course of a year with clever use of images and sound. Unpretentious, clearly written and interesting.”

9. Art Rabbit | Art Listings Blog of the Year

Why? Arts Media Contacts says, “This one … is beautifully designed and works perfectly…. The opinion pieces are nicely-written and the email blogs give you exactly the information you want on your selection of exhibitions opening or closing across the globe.”

10. Art Fag City | Urban Art Blog of the Year

Why? Arts Media Contacts says, “Curator, lecturer and journalist Paddy Johnson goes around New York’s galleries and events and reports on art in the city with a fair amount of gossip and news too.”

Art Fag City |

Art Fag City |

Click here to read the full list, which includes some highly commended blogs that didn’t make the top 10 cut, on the Arts Media Contacts website.

The list of blogs above is international. We’re interested in hearing your thoughts on who would make a top 10 list of Asian contemporary art blogs and what, in your eyes, makes an art blog great. Some blogs and websites we have talked about on Art Radar include China-based RedBox Review,, online Indian auction house Saffronart and Asia Art Archive’s viewable online catalogue.

Where do you go to get the latest Asian art news? Who do you visit to get your art world gossip fix for this part of the world? Leave your comments below.


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Contemporary art blogs in 2010: Who made the Arts Media Contacts top 10? — 9 Comments

  1. Yes Lee. It is completely incomprehensible to us but some people don’t seem to be too interested in art! :)

    But at least they are giving to charities and having a good time.

    What we really love about the Art Walk though is that it helps would-be and novice art enthusiasts explore galleries and art in an accessible way: a map, friends, evening openings and a fun social occasion. It all helps to make it easier for people who are new to art to take their first steps of discovery …for some it will end up being a lifelong love affair.

  2. Artgorge

    Hong Kong has once again experienced artwalk, while I have nothing against the participants, I wonder how many actually looked at what was being shown.
    Other than what was on offer to eat and drink.
    Sad in some respects , at least ( and this is my opnion) people could at least give the impression of looking at the art rather than whats on offer to ea and drink.

  3. Bird Flu.

    Added to the grafitti wall in Sheung Wan last night, a drawing of man coughing bent over,with a kind explanation of the disease”Bird Flew” to which a kind soul added a picture of a bird flying……..why should art not be funny?

    “Time is a concept whereas space is a race”

    Time used to be a magazine and space used to a place where you put your clothes.

    lee du ploy ( hong kong )

  4. Bite the hand ; art for the desperate.

    I recently came back from Europe where I went to the FIAC in Paris and Freize in London, perhaps my relatively old age makes me more suspicious of “new art’ that which purports to be contemporary or modern when in fact its ancient, derivative and revamped….I have been around over sixty summers and find art fairs and the general publics assumption that there is a ‘new” art perplexing , perhaps they mean photoshop or a skull sprinkled with diamond dust untouched by the artist bar the signature which baits the art lovers by suggesting it may be an investment, or perhaps some Haititian revamped grafitti.

    Art as fashion is extemely boring and repetative , a bit like vintage clothes and glasses without lenses or torn jeans.
    Perhaps we should considder the new art genuises to be like footballers ,hairdresser and surely handbag designers must be the next big thing …. we can call it genuis and high fashion.

    For what its worth make yourself a small Calder mobile and have a walk in the park……………….and ofcourse bring back Caspar Frederich ( as I said previously in some English newspaper( sorry forget which ) all is forgiven.

    sadly and cynically yours.

    lee du ploy

  5. I’ve always liked reading art critic Brian Sherwin’s opinions. I’ve followed him since he wrote for Myartspace. He now writes for a blog called FineArtViews. The interviews he has done with various artists, gallery owners, and art critics over the years have been useful for my own practice. I also like Paddy Johnson’s wit. Very glad to see her on this list!

  6. John, we are glad you found this post so useful. Enjoy browsing the top blogs. We know we do!

  7. Thanks for sharing this. When I have enough free time I’ll visit all the blogs that won in the Arts Media Contacts top 10 art blogs for 2010.

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