Takashi interview number 3 in VernissageTV top 10 videos for 2010


While Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, perhaps unsurprisingly, claimed top spot with VernissageTV’s video on his much-discussed Tate Modern installation, Sunflower Seeds, it seemed viewers thought that what Japanese Takashi Murakami had to say on his 2010 Versailles exhibition was worth third place in this list.

Watch the video (4m:48s) below or on the VernissageTV website. Note that you need to sit through a brief advertisement.

The video interviews the artist on his Murakami Versailles exhibition (2010) in which 22 of his works are displayed throughout the rooms and gardens of the Château de Versailles in France. Murakami opens the video by stating that “this exhibition is the most complex that I’ve created to date.”

He goes on to talk about the way in which different cultures treat space in their art, saying that he considers his works “to be somewhat like origami, … very flat and … can be worked and manipulated in many ways.”

The artist discusses what he sees as the mission of artists, which has been “the same since the beginning of humanity: to express our feelings which make us react.” He believes his work parallels what is permanently on display in Versailles in that both forms pass on a strong cultural message to their audience.

Click here to view the entire top 10 list on VernissageTV’s website.

Murakami Versailles, 2010. Image from concreteplayground.com.au.

Murakami Versailles, 2010. Image from concreteplayground.com.au.


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