Think the art world has changed over the last 20 years? Statistics and facts


Think the art world has changed over the last twenty years? We haven’t seen anything yet…. We have been reading some powerful statistics and facts which make us think the art world still has plenty of change ahead.

Did you know?

In January 2011, Chinese city planners proposed merging the nine cities around the Pearl River Delta into a single metropolitan area, containing some 42 million people, more than Argentina, and covering an area 26 times bigger than Greater London. (Source: Reuters, January 2011.)

Guangzhou, Pearl River Delta, 2009. Image from

Guangzhou, Pearl River Delta, 2009. Image from

Did you know…

… the big difference between tomorrow’s urban world and today’s? There will be more cities, some of which will be both newer and bigger than ever. So while ‘traditional’ global powerhouses such as New York, London and Paris are already sharing the stage with Beijing, Mumbai and Istanbul, increasingly, cities such as Belem, Chongqing and Guadalajara are ready to make their mark, too. (Source: – more facts here.)

What does this mean for art? Well, a growth in population would result in an increase in “urbane values” such as an interest in art.

What do you think is ahead of us? How is urbanisation currently affecting art in terms of market, subject and networking? Are you aware of any up-and-coming art cities which are unknown to most of us? Join the debate by leaving a comment below.


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