Tips and tricks for buying Asian contemporary art – event alert


Do you collect contemporary Asian art? Interested in starting a contemporary Asian art collection? Whether you are new to art or an established collector, Kate Cary Evan’s entertaining and informative course is packed full of facts and tips useful for all levels of interest.

How To Spot an Art Investment in Asia

Address: English Speaking Members Department, YWCA, 3 Macdonell Road, Hong Kong

Dates: Part 1: March 3, 10am to 11:30, Part 2: March 10th, 10am to 11:30

Price: HK$1570 for two 1.5 hour modules

To book: Visit the YWCA website to download a booking form

Website: YWCA website

Learn about the art market with Kate Cary Evans.

Learn about the art market with Kate Cary Evans.

In this course you will learn:

  • What questions you should ask a dealer before you buy
  • Fads and fashions – what to follow and what to avoid
  • The top deadly mistakes to avoid when buying art
  • Secret short-cuts and tips which professionals use
  • Why it is vital to assess the dealer as well as the artwork
  • Which are the up and coming countries and genres in Asia

About Kate Cary Evans

The course will be led by Kate Cary Evans, founder and executive editor of Art Radar Asia: the only editorially independent online source for news and trends in contemporary Asian art (established 2008). Art Radar Asia has 12,000 unique visitors a month and has subscribers from top auction houses (Sotheby’s, Christie’s), art fairs (Art HK, Art Dubai), major galleries and museums (British Museum, Queensland Art Gallery) and universities (Harvard, Yale, Princeton).

She is a qualified chartered accountant and has worked in finance for over fifteen years with five years specific experience in spotting and sourcing investment opportunities for individual and institutional investors in Asia.

Kate has studied art appraisal techniques with the American Appraisal Association in conjunction with New York University. She has studied contemporary Asian art at Sotheby’s Institute in London, curatorship at Hong Kong Art School in association with the Guggenheim and has helped to organise the Hong Kong editions of Asia Art Forum, bringing together curators, scholars and collectors from around the region.


Kate Cary Evans Art Talk 1

Kate Cary Evans Art Talk 1

What did you enjoy about the course?

“depth of knowledge of the subject, good tips on how to engage with local art market, IT-based tools and enthusiasm for the subject”

“understanding how dealers/galleries work with artists, having a better understanding of the worth of an artist and learning about top galleries, shows and research”

“particularly the way it brought a number of things (one might know already) into a coherent whole. Also the practical tips about galleries and the difference between the (Asian) art scene and more developed US/European ones”

“it was a real eye-opener to the way the art world/maket works. Great to get such inside knowledge and to have someone connect the dots”

Corporate or group events

If you are interested in bespoke talks for corporate events please contact Kate on kate at artradarasia dot com.

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  1. Can certainly see the necessity of programs like this – as Hong Kong becomes one of the most important auction cities, surely some lots will become seemingly over-hyped and to newcomers, it’ll be hard to tell the difference.

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