Hong Kong art fair ART HK 11: Rolling media round-up [UPDATED 12 June 2011]


ART HK 11 is upon us and to make sure you stay on top of all that is going on, Art Radar Asia will be keeping a running list of the top stories published in the international media: Only the best stories from blogs, newspapers, even Twitter.




Outcome of the Hong Kong International Art Fair 2011Art Media Agency 7 June 2011 –  This press release contains the overall results of the art fair with focuss on audience turn-up and art sales.

Hong Kong stands out as an international art center China Daily 4 June 2011 – Hong Kong had been steadily prominence as an art hub as curators, collectors, gallery owners and art institutions flock to the region.

ART SALES ART HK a mark in historyArtnet3 June 2011 – Hong Kong International Art Fair at par with Venice Biennale and ART 42 Basel and outperformed SH Contemporary, Art Singapore plus two more Beijing art fairs.

ART SALES Art market seems fine in HKFinancial Times 3 June 2011 – Amidst the buzz and the booming growth of the fair, expectations sometimes fall behind the realities.

Where does Hong Kong’s appeal come from? The New York Observer2 June 2011 – With ART HK topping off this season’s art and auction hype, the article explores the Chinese collector’s sensibility in terms of buying art and why the Western seller is eager to come to his shore.

Attending ART HKAnnHa.com1 June 2011 – Hong Kong is not just the retail shopper’s paradise.

ART SALES ART HK an international success Art Daily1 June 2011 – With high-profile attendance, cultural highlights, major sales and overall positive media response, the Hong Kong International art fair has proven to be a major success for Asia and for the art world.

Commenting on their experience at ART HK, Don and Mera Rubell jointly said: “This is our first time in Hong Kong in over 40 years and things have changed rather dramatically. It’s a city on steroids -dynamic, fresh, vibrant – a true international city, and the general curiosity of people is incredible.

ART SALES Hong Kong International Art Fair a truly global event Artnet31 May 2011 – After-fair reports testify the success of the fair.

ART HK has put Hong Kong firmly on the international cultural map,” said director Magnus Renfrew in the release. “We’re thrilled with the record visitor attendance and believe the people of Hong Kong and the surrounding area are embracing the fair and are intensely curious to learn and experience more about contemporary art.

At ART HK, beautiful Art Forum30 May 2011 – Doretta Lau narrates snippets from the event and, from an insiders point of view, shows us beyond the figures and formalities of the Hong Kong International Art Fair.

This year, with two floors (and 260 galleries—it seemed that everyone from New York and London was participating), it was much easier to see the art, but harder to network; the fragile series of coincidental run-ins so crucial to the fair structure was compromised a bit by all the extra space, and a cash-bar situation meant that the mood in the aisles was slightly subdued.

Walking through ART HKManila Art Blogger 30 May 2011 – A stroll around Asia’s most anticipated art fair.

Day three of ART HK: Art Must Be Beautiful, or should it? People in the art world in an insightful debate Today Online28 May 2011 – Post enumerates several points during the IQ2 debate, definitely the highlight of the day.

ART HK not merely for Art’s Sake Wall Street Journal 28 May 2011 – In light of Ai Weiwei’s activist art on display at the show, several art works also seem to have politically rebellious undertones.

PHOTOS Overview of the Hong Kong art fairArrested Motion 27 May 2011 – The Asia is becoming increasingly important for dealers with Hong Kong serves as the perfect location for this growing art hub.

VIDEO Alexander Branczik at ART HK SothebysTV27 May 2011 – The director of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s shows us around the fair.

VIDEO Evelyn Lin at ART HKSothebysTV27 May 2011 – The director of Contemporary Asian Art at Sotheby’s shows us around the fair.

ART HK 2011, the best and the worst Art Info 27 May 2011 – Post lists the good and the bad about this year’s edition of the fair.

ART SALES Hong Kong has the art collector’s attentionFinancial Times27 May 2011 – An update on auction sales, with those of ART HK included.

The French dealer Edouard Malingue, who opened in Hong Kong in September, is showing ash paintings by the Chinese painter Zhang Huan, and quickly sold two works to Europe-based collectors (prices in the region of $200,000). … Malingue says that among those interested are a mainland Chinese buyer and a Hong Kong collector.
Normally, Sotheby’s holds its sales at a different time from rival Christie’s, but on Tuesday is going ‘off season’ to sell 25 works by the traditional Chinese painter Zhang Daqian (1899-1983).

Galleries, artists, curators and collectors gather at ART HKArt Daily 27 May 2011 – Post lists top Western and Asian galleries participating in the fair.

Day two of ART HK: Ai Weiwei support and Asia Art Archive’s great effortsToday Online 27 May 2011 – On students sporting “Where is Ai Weiwei?” shirts, AAA’s contribution to Asian art, and the West Kowloon Cultural District

AI WEIWEI “Marble Arm” sculpture aims to open up discussion about Ai Weiwei, his activism and freedom of speechReuters 27 May 2011 – Hong Kong, though still part of China, enjoys rights and privileges not accorded to those in the mainland, including freedom of expression.

I think Hong Kong is a very special place in Asia, a place where freedom of expression is greatly valued … so it’s a very good place for the full variety of voices to be heard,” said Magnus Renfrew, the head of ART HK.

VIDEO ART HK and the emerging artistWall Street Journal 27 May 2011 – With its rising status in the contemporary art market, the event serves as the bridge between emerging artists and big-time collectors.

Art by Ai Weiwei and David LaChapelle at this year’s ART HK a sign of activism?Huffington Post 27 May 2011 – Though the fair focusses on raising the status of Asia in the art market and promoting arts education, an “undercurrent of dissent” hovers about the fair.

Being in ART HKWebs of Significance 26 May 2011 – Take a look at the Hong Kong International Art Fair from a more personal perspective.

In all honesty, however, I tended to fixate more on the art on view — and this year, there really were much more recognisable works by famous artists (including dead white men like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Camille Pissarro as well as living individuals like Takashi Murakami, whose smiling flowers invariably bring a smile to my face, Ai Weiwei, Damien Hirst, Julian Opie and Bridget Riley) than previously.

ART SALES Blue-chip artists, global audience and ART HK as an unquestionably multimillion-dollar affair Bloomberg 26 May 2011 – Galleries and institutions seem to express their growing confidence in the position of the art fair, and Hong Kong in general, in the art market.

Mainland Chinese collectors are becoming a potent force in contemporary art, acting as a magnet for western galleries,” said Bruno Bischofberger, who has brought his Zurich-based gallery to ART HK for the first time. “China itself is our main interest,” said Bischofberger, who believes in planting his gallery’s flag in the east with his best works.

PHOTOS Working at ART HK Lace and Berries 26 May 2011 – Promoter at a gallery shows us what there is to see in ART HK.

Hong Kong International Art Fair officially opensXinhuanet 26 May 2011 – Contains mostly pictures of guests, curators and standout pieces mingling at the affair.

VIDEO Director of ART HK on the art fair and art collectors Bloomberg26 May 2011 – Magnus Renfrew talks to Rishaad Salamat on “On the Move Asia”.

VIDEO Magnus Renfrew on “On the Move Asia” Bloomberg Television 26 May 2011 – The actual video of the interview.

Some notes:


  • Magnus Renfrew interviewed.
  • Initially reached out to local audience – collector base from all over Asia (Taiwan, Korea, SE Asia and China).
  • Now – truly global audience (Europe/China)
  • Indigenous – young collector base looks at local works
  • As time goes on – Chinese collectors buying South African art, German art.
  • Connoisseurship becoming way to increase kudos
  • Art Basel – cement HKs position as in top three art fairs in the world – take from being an art fair from regional to global significance

Day one of ART HK: Art HK as the Art Basel of Asia? Today Online 26 May 2011 – ART HK’s comparisons to Art Stage Singapore is inevitable but perhaps each will cater to different artists with the former being international while the latter might focus on regional art.

VIDEO Hong Kong art fair for the art collectorWall Street Journal 26 May 2011 – Collector Richard Chang of Tira Holdings shows us his top picks for the fair.

PHOTOS Snippets from the art fairWall Street Journal 26 May 2011 – Includes pictures of exhibits, artworks and guests going about the fair.

AI WEIWEI A prominent art fair and a dissident artistThe Independent 26 May 2011 – Gallerie Urs Meile’s display of the provocative work by Ai Weiwei meant to display “solidarity”.

By presenting his work, we believe his situation will be discussed,” the gallery’s assistant Rene Meile told AFP.

AI WEIWEI Hong Kong art fair seems to be silently acknowledging Ai Weiwei BBC 26 May 2011 – The artist’s 2007 sculpture, one of the thousands on display, garners special attention.

AI WEIWEI Ai Weiwei piece in ART HK Monsters and Critics26 May 2011 – “Free Ai Weiwei” badges and “Where is Ai Weiwei?” shirts will also be available at the fair.

Big names are the highlight of ART HK – Artron.net26 May 2011 – Works by Takashi Murakami, Zhang Huan, Pablo Picasso, Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol are on show at the fair.

PHOTOS The entrance and some artworks: Scenes from ART HK Toasties Monster 25 May 2011 – A photographer takes us around the fair.

ART SALES Confidence in the Asian art market seems to be steadily seeping into international consciousnessArt Info 25 May 2011 – A great overview of dealers, buyers, auction houses, what the galleries have been selling, for how much and how the fair reflects the status of the art market in Asia.

In fact, [Simon] de Pury said, he is shopping for a Phillips de Pury venue in Hong Kong for a first-time auction here sometime later this year or early next. He declined to go into further detail.

Big-name Japanese art certainly seemed in favor, as evidenced by the work’s hearty reception at Paris-based Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery.

[Arne] Glimcher is very bullish on Asia, and China in particular. “They’re wide-open and interested to learn, but not so interested as yet in Western Art,” said the dealer, who recently celebrated his 50th year of dealing under the Pace [Gallery] moniker.

One of the most surprised of the first-time dealers here was David Zwirner, who experienced a near-perfect storm of interest for the art he brought over.

Art Basel, Art Basel Miami and now ART HK Open Art Collection 25 May 2011 – Art Basel’s buying into ART HK further affirms the region’s growing prominence in the art world.

Visiting Art HK? Here’s what you need to knowTime Out Hong Kong 25 May 2011 – Art hunting tips, for fair is sure to be mad with a lot of choices for the art buyer.

Art Basel, Art Basel Miami and now ART HKOpen Art Collection 25 May 2011 – Establishing itself as a prominent art fair, the event serves as a good chance both for first-time buyers and big-time collectors to expand their collection.

Hong Kong art scene alive with ART HK New York Times 25 May 2011 -Aside from putting together galleries and companies from around the world, the event seemed to have sparked up the Hong Kong art scene, for even institutions not directly involved in the fair join the hype.

AI WEIWEI Ai Weiwei’s “Marble Arm” sculpture is on show at ART HK VOA News 25 May 2011 – Though the artist may not be physically present, displaying his sculpture at the fair is billed by some as a show of support for the jailed activist.

What to see and where to be at ART HKMutualArt – 25 May 2011MutualArt cites Asia One, Art Futures and Public Installations as some of the things to look forward to in ART HK.

ART HK as a major event in the international art scene Channel News Asia25 May 2011 – There seems to be more in confidence in Hong Kong as a contemporary arts hub.

Art fair attracts the art world to Hong Kong The Squeeze23 May 2011 – The piece is an excellent summary of some thoughts surrounding ART HK, like how participating artists Takashi Murakami and Anish Kapoor are sure to up the ante while Ai Weiwei’s detention could “cast a pall” at the occasion.

Want to know what Hong Kong artists to look out for? The fair is held in Hong Kong, after all Wall Street Journal – 21 May 2011 – This post cites the highlights for the event’s top picks according to an article by Alexandra A. Seno for the Weekend Journal Asia. List includes artists Luis Chan, Halley Cheng and Zhang Huan.

A fantastic overview of the fair as it stands now, including its recent sale to Art BaselFinancial Times20 May 2011 – This interesting article explores ART HK from the view of the art market, how a model for the Asian art market is being developed and how Art Basel’s stake at the fair would likely affect its position in the global market.

Artists, curators and critics list their picks for this year’s fair – CNNGo19 May 2011 – The story looks at the different exhibition sections of the fair, detailing both big name artists and those more obscure.

AI WEIWEI Did Ai Weiwei’s arrest affect the Chinese art market?Artnet – 18 May 2011 – Even with the much talked about detention of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, galleries and guests seemed to be undisturbed and continue to flock to ART HK.

AI WEIWEI Free market, detained artist The Art Newspaper 13 May 2011 – The article provides a very good insight into the sentiments surrounding Ai Weiwei’s arrest and its implication on the art scene in general.


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