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Exploring the art scene of a new city can be a challenge. As we roam the Internet we occasionally discover profiles of off-the-beat art centres: here is one, published on art:21, that should inspire you to take a less-travelled road next time you are in Istanbul.

In the article, the writer takes a closer look at PiST///, a non-profit, interdisciplinary art space in Turkey, and provides a unique perspective on what goes on in the city’s art scene. We summarise the article – and include some research of our own – below.

Street view of PiST. Image taken from pist.org.

Street view of PiST. Image from pist-org.blogspot.com.


Co-directors and artists Didem Özbek and Osman Bozkur opened the three-storefront-long PiST/// Interdisciplinary Project Space in 2006. The non-profit organisation can be found in Istanbul’s Pangaltı neighborhood, situating the space away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s large and more commercial galleries in an area in which both Özbek and Bozkurt have lived for some time. Pangaltı is a populated part of the Istanbul, full of residents and business owners – the multitude of bars is notable, and the duo decided they wanted to provide a nook amidst it all for their own art interests and projects.

Click here to read the article on Turkey’s PiST in its entirety on art:21.

Didem Özbek and Osman Bozkurt. Image from pist-org.blogspot.com.

Inside the space. Image from pist-org.blogspot.com.

Pist, when translated from Turkish, refers to a variety of things: a circus ring, a dance ring, an airplane runway, a running track… all are places used for a specific purpose by a specific object or type of person: a runner trains on a running track, an airplane takes off for new destinations via a runway. Özbek and Bozkurt, too, strive to make their art space specific to the people that use it by encouraging experimentation, dialogue, movement and collaboration between visitors, artists and art professionals through regular exhibitions and events.

Meeting in PiST with artists. Image from pist-org.blogspot.com.

Some of these events are run in tandem with the the space’s international research and production residency programme and the result of this partnering, while manifesting in different ways – artist talks, film screenings, exhibitions, plenaries and roundtables, is a vibrant cumulative of things that concern PiST/// as an entity that promotes a non-linear approach to art.

During 2011, PiST/// will host nine artists from Denmark and the Netherlands as part of their international residency programme. Aside from creating new works, the artists must present on their practice through series, open to the public, called Monday Talks.


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