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The photography market in Asia, and indeed globally, continues to grow as more collectors seek out the medium. As part of our ongoing ‘Lists’ series, we have stepped back into our archives to bring you our top posts on the topic ‘Photography’.

Japanese veteran photographers capitalise on traditional photographic methods – Tokyoartbeat

June 2011

Readers who are interested in post-war Japanese photography or who collect it will find this post particularly useful as it provides insight into the views and motivation of two prominent Japanese photographers who still prefer analogue over digital photography. Both Kozo Miyoshi and Asoko Narahashi explain their respective positions in the world of fine art photography and the article finds room for a discussion on the preeminent importance of a strong concept in an artist’s work.

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Kozo Miyoshi, '2272 Nakayama, Yamagata', gelatin silver print, 8 x 10 inch. Image from Toykoartbeat.com.

Kozo Miyoshi, '2272 Nakayama, Yamagata', gelatin silver print, 8 x 10 inch. Image from toykoartbeat.com.

Asaka Narahashi, 'Kawaguchiko', C-Print, 2003. Image from yossimilo.com.

Miao Xiaochun pushes limits of digital art – an Art Radar interview

December 2010

In general, interviews offer a good opportunity to learn more about the views of one’s favourite artist. This interview with Miao Xiaochun on the occasion of his first solo show at the Museum Ludwig in Koblenz is one of these opportunities. Miao replies to Art Radar’s questions about his artistic concept, his use of photography and digital art, his own working style and the art world and its opportunities for artists. The whole interview provides links to the museum and other relevant additional information. A comprehensive read about an artist with a stable position in the art world, both in the East and in the West.

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Miao Xiaochun, A visitor from the past-As a guest of a German family, 2002-2004.

Miao Xiaochun, A visitor from the past-As a guest of a German family, 2002-2004. Image courtesy of the artist.

Photography in contemporary Russia – Art Radar speaks with curator Olga Sviblova, AES+F and Igor Moukhin

August 2010

The reader is provided with insight into the efforts made over the past ten to twenty years to promote Russian art and photography. Some well-known Russian photographers are introduced and a very different perspective on Russian photography today is presented, showing just how far removed the art form is from the Russian propaganda pictures that the West still tends to associate with photography from the country.

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Igor Moukhin, "Moscou", photograph, 1988. Image courtesy of Maison Européene de la Photographie

Igor Moukhin, 'Moscou', photograph, 1988. Image courtesy Maison Européene de la Photographie.

Trends and opportunities in the contemporary photography market

October 2009

Is photography art? If yes, is it a good investment? This is what, in essence, a seminar that was held in London in September 2009 was all about. Three experts give their insights into and predictions for photography as a collectible art form. Interesting sidetracks are the mentions of photobooks as a profitable investment and the various challenges collectors could face in storing and conserving their photographic pieces of art. And last but not least, some investment advice is given.

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