Happy birthday, Art Radar… you are 3 years old!


We cannot quite believe it. It is already 2011 and Art Radar Asia turned three last month. It has been quite a journey for us and for Asian contemporary art since we hit that publish button for the very first time.

There have been unexpected rewards, many struggles and some surprising twists along the path to this post three years later. Art Radar Asia nearly did not make it on two occasions, but today we have never been in better health and we are looking forward to a thriving future.

What follows is a light-hearted look at the milestones in Art Radar‘s story.

Year One

  • June 2008 An intriguing idea comes to Kate Cary Evans. Shall she try it? Can she do it?
  • July 2008 First post published.
  • August 2008 First subscriber to the Art Radar Asia weekly email newsletter. Hurrah!
  • August 2009 All posts written and edited by Kate Cary Evans.

10,000 page views each month, 500 subscribers

Year Two

  • August 2009 Too much, too tired. Time to stop, to close shop? Brainwave: Why not post an article on the website asking for help?
  • September 2009 First intern, Erin Wooters, joins to help with all the writing. She is fantastic and stays with Art Radar for an entire year. Two years later, her posts still attract top ratings.
  • September 2009 to March 2010 More interns come on board so a training programme is started featuring regular, one-on-one guidance and support. The growing Art Radar team has fun and learns a lot.
  • December 2009 Fast, passionate writer Kate Nicholson joins the team.
  • Summer 2010 Kate Cary Evans realises she can not teach, recruit and manage interns… and write and edit. Art Radar needs an editor. Kate Nicholson becomes the first permanent paid editor. She rocks!

30,000 page views a month, 5,000 unique visitors a month, 1,500 regular subscribers

Year Three

  • October 2010 We change to our own self-hosted site because our previous platform, wordpress.com, has limited functionality. With no technical support we come to a crossroad: Shall we close or invest? Let’s go for it, let’s invest! Eventually we find a great technical support person, Mark, on Elance who helps us with the move.
  • December 2010 Transfer done. We are self-hosted and growing up.
  • May 2011 Kate Cary Evans gives art talks and holds art lunches in Hong Kong under the Art Radar banner.
  • March 2011 The idea comes to start art writing courses where students learn in a live newsroom environment and actually get published.
  • April 2011 We advertise through Art Radar and get a great response. We adapt our internship programme and write the course materials.
  • June 2011 to July 2011 Nine students join our programme, and our second paid editor, Heston Hoffman, officially joins the team.

70,000 page views a month, 12,000 unique visitors a month, 4,100 regular subscribers

We are thrilled that we have survived our first three years. What seemed hard at the time, we now realise helped us. And we are very proud that we have not yet had to compromise our editorial independence. As far as we know this makes us unique among commercial publications.

It has been a huge team effort and many talented writers have given their time on a voluntary basis to help us build Art Radar. We thank them warmly and dearly.

Last, but not certainly not least, thank you to all our readers for your continuing support and interest. Please feel free to contact our founder and Executive Editor, Kate Cary Evans, at kate@artradarasia.com if you have any comments for us about the past, the present or the future of Art Radar.

Oh, and one final note, if you read a post you like, do please press those share and like buttons, or rate the post. It is profoundly encouraging for our writers… you really will be making someone’s day.

Happy Birthday Art Radar!


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