Inadvertent publication design advice: ArtAsiaPacific art book reviews


Dealers and artists often need to publish books, catalogues and monographs, and a resource on a blog by ArtAsiaPacific could be a source of inspiration for those soon to do so. Called Book Blog, each post in the series focuses on the layout of one art book.

A post in the Book Blog series on the blog maintained by 'ArtAsiaPacific'. Image by Art Radar Asia.

A post in the Book Blog series on the blog maintained by 'ArtAsiaPacific'. Image by Art Radar Asia.

As the magazine explains, “Book Blog is a weekly showcase of book design from ArtAsiaPacific’s areas of coverage and is written by AAP’s designer Sahar Baharloo.” Most of the posts in the series are written in an engaging, informal style and describe the books in enough detail to give you an understanding of what makes each publication so impressive. A selection of images accompanies each review.

We are not sure why, but all of our favourite reviews from the series include those that look at books covering the visual cultures of South Asian and Middle Eastern countries, including a look at

It seems that the Book Blog series started not long after the magazine began blogging on its website in January 2011, and since that time they have profiled fourteen books. The entries seem to halt in July, with no posts on books to be found in the August archive listings, so fingers crossed the series has not come to an end.


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