Steal a Banksy and keep it, guilt and prison free


There is a AUD15,000 Banksy lurking in a corridor of one of three of Melbourne’s Art Series Hotels and the company is offering its guests the opportunity to swipe it. That is right, if you can find it and get it out of the hotel without being seen, it is yours!

The work up for grabs (pun intended) is No Ball Games, part of a series of works which is of historical note, says hotel management. “In 2007 a group of bandits removed a section of a wall with an angle grinder because Banksy had stencilled around the ‘No Ball Games’ sign on it. The wall was later found on ebay for sale for 20,000 pounds.”

Click here to read more about the competition, “Stay the night. Steal the art.”, on the Art Series Hotels’ website.

Banksy’s No Ball Games will hang from 15 December 2011 to 15 January 2012 and will be rotated between all three Art Series Hotels in Melbourne, Australia. One of the coolest marketing stunts. Ever.


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