Taipei Arts Awards 2011 win for mechanical installation artist Han-chih Liu


A focus on machines and narrative drive has bagged Taiwanese artist Han-chih Liu (劉瀚之) the Grand Prize in the coveted Taipei Arts Awards for 2011. Administered by Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), a Grand Prize winner and five Honourable Mentions were selected from just over 250 entries.

Han-chih Liu, 'Collar seizing device', 2011, mechanical installation, 30 x 20 x 50 cm. Image courtesy Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

Han-chih Liu, 'Collar Seizing Device (揪領器)', 2011, mechanical installation, 30 x 20 x 50 cm. Image courtesy Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

The artist describes his winning works, a series of three mechanical installations entitled Collar Seizing Device (揪領器), Page Turning Machine (翻書機) and Walking/Reading/Messaging Leaving Machine (步行閱讀留言機) respectively, as such,

In theatrical terms, it is like making a prop first, and then developing the plot, characters and setting. These machines are not aids in everyday life. Instead, they are used to develop a context, a vocabulary and relationships, or as quasi-props to suggest something. Through their use by man (characters), a short story evolves.

According to Taiwanese English-language newspaper, The China Post,

The ‘Collar Seizing Device’ is literally a device one can wear to seize someone’s collar when a person feels threatened. The ‘Page Turning Machine’ can turn imaginary pages like those of a book, whereas the ‘Walking/Reading/Message Leaving Machine’ allows you to read handwritten massages fixed on your scooter’s pedal.

Taipei Arts Award 2012 winner Han-chih Liu and his work ‘Straightening Up Device’ (2011).

Taipei Arts Awards 2011 winner Han-chih Liu and his work ‘Straightening Up Device’ (2011).

Liu is an emerging artist with a number of local group exhibitions under his belt. In 2011, he held his first major solo, called “Liu Han’s Night”, at Nan-Hai Gallery in Taipei. For his Taipei Arts Awards win, the artist receives TWD550,000 in prize money and the opportunity to show his work at TFAM sometime within the next two years.

Han-chih Liu’s winning works will be on display in an awards exhibition at TFAM, along with that of other finalists, until 4 March 2012.


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