Indian artist Sunil Gawde to create artwork for Taiwan subway line


Taiwan’s Bureau of High Speed Rail has commissioned Indian artist Sunil Gawde, whose large kinetic sculptures were part of the 2009 Venice Biennale’s international exhibition Making Worlds, to create a public art installation for the airport subway line.

Sunil Gawde, 'Blind Bulb', 2006, P.U. painted fibreglass.

As reported by Taiwan Today,

The artworks will be designed for specific locations within the system under the theme of “Interaction Crossing Zone,” and will include a variety of forms, including interactive installations, sculptures, murals, video art and mechanically powered installations, according to the bureau.

The works will be located along the Taoyuan International Airport Access subway line, which will run between the airport and Taipei. Gawde was one of nine artists selected for the project. Others include Daniel Rozin of the U.S., Florian Claar of Germany, Japanese “art unit” Paramodel, along with Taiwanese artists Tao Ya-Lun, Lin Jiun-Ting, Lai Pei-Yu, Jen Ta-Hsien and the collective Luxury Logico. The installations are currently set to be completed by October 2014.


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