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Looking for the best techniques and products for archiving and preserving your photographs? The Archival Methods website is full of tips for avid image collectors, including, among other ideas, information on the kind of gloves, glass and board to use.


As outlined on Archival Methods,

It is recommended to use white cotton or nylon gloves when handling the image to prevent oils from your skin from transferring onto the print. When framing, use acid-free mat board both behind the print and as window mat. The window mat is important because it ensures the glass or plexi-glass such as Acrylite OP-3 does not touch the surface of the photo itself. An acid-free foamboard is also a good idea to use behind the backing board to provide additional support.

The article also details where and how to hang a frame, what kind of lighting is harmful to your photographs and the potential risks that humidity and fluctuating temperatures pose.


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