Adequate professional talent for China’s expanding arts infrastructure? The New York Times


The New York Times recently published an article on China’s rapid expansion in the arts and interaction with Western institutions. Despite this growth, China may still lack the professional talent and collection strength to support its new arts infrastructure.

Hunan Provincial Museum Director and Chinese Society of Museums Chairman Chen Jianming gives a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new construction project at the museum in 2011.

From the The New York Times,

Last year, 395 museums were built across China, according to Chen Jianming, a vice chairman of the Chinese Society of Museums and the director of the Hunan Provincial Museum. Many of these new museums were devoted to history, but in the years ahead, many more art museums are planned, he said.

But the new urgency for more and bigger museums may be coming too fast, Mr Chen added. There are not enough trained personnel to build collections and oversee educational programs, and some new museums will not have sufficiently high-standard collections, he said.

Is this an issue that will continue to dog Chinese art institutions, or will local museums and universities rise to the challenge? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment in the section below.


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