ART HK 12: Rolling media round-up [UPDATED 1 June 2012]


Bookmark this page! As we were in 2011, Art Radar is your go-to source for updates and information on 2012’s Hong Kong International Art Fair. Each day until well after the fair ends, we will cull the best of ART HK 12 coverage from news, blogs, video and Twitter and link to it all right here.

ART HK 12. Image via E-flux.

VIDEO The Works Hong Kong Art Fair 2012Radio Television Hong Kong – 27 May 2012 – A comprehensive overview that includes footage of all of the fairs sections and short interviews with curator Yuko Hasegawa, artist Shen Shaomin, and ART FUTURES prize winner Lee Kit among others.

Hong Kong Art Fair | The Big PictureThe Age – 26 May 2012 – A review of the fair’s format, some of the peripheral events and an overall sales assessment.

PHOTOS Art HK 12: highlights from the contemporary art fairWallpaper 26 May 2012 – A collection of images from the fair as well as works on display.

Hong Kong: An art hub minus grassroots buzzCNN GO – 25 May 2012 – Is Hong Kong strong in contemporary art? Though Hong Kong has undoubtedly become a logistical hub for art in Asia, “a logistical hub is not an intellectual hub.”

The West goes to HK to coax appetites from handbagsFinancial Review – 24 May 2012 – An article that discusses the aspirations and challenges of new galleries and dealers entering the Hong Kong contemporary art market.

BLOG PHOTOS A Kindle in Hong Kong: Walking Tour: HK Art Fair23 May 2012 – A first-hand account of the fair, with lots of pictures.

Days of Being WildArtforum 22 May 2012 – Attending the parties and peripheral events of ART HK 12, Artforum looks at how major art figures comport themselves and, implicitly, what that says about the Asian art world.

The fourth of Andy Warhol’s BMW Art Cars was unveiled at ART HK 12. The car is modeled on a car Warhol hand-painted in 1979.

BLOG Heidi Kim: A Gallery Girl’s Art Fair Dairy, Pt. 2The Huffington Post – 22 May 2012 – The second half of the gallery worker’s ART HK 12 diary, with plenty of pictures.

VIDEO Hong Kong Emerging as a Major Player on the Art MarketDailymotion 21 May 2012 – A video with several interviewees commenting on the fair’s integration into the Hong Kong art scene in general.

ART SALES ART HK Scores Record Attendance, But the Asian Market Still Proves Tough to CrackARTINFO – 21 May 2012 ARTINFO reports that many big-name galleries bringing blue-chip work failed to sell at this year’s fair, largely due to a low number of collectors in attendance.

Hong Kong Art Fai Reels in the Million-Dollar DealsThe New York Times 21 May 2012 – An excellent summary of the fair including several galleries’ sales experiences.

BLOG Heidi Kim: A Gallery Girl’s Art Fair Diary, Pt. 1The Huffington Post21 May 2012 – a “design, contemporary art and independent film enthusiast” from Hong Kong’s 10 Chancery Lane Gallery attends many events during the week of ART HK 12.

PHOTOS Hong Kong International Art Fair 2012 Recap – Hypebeast – 21 May 2012 – A collection of photos of the fair and works on display.

Hong Kong International Art Fair 2012: Huge number of visitors, “internati onalism,” and cat toysMacau Daily Times – 21 May 2012 – An article asks interviews several attendees about their opinions on the artworks.

PHOTOS BLOG Hong Kong Art Fair @ 201221 May 2012 – A large number of photos taken at ART HK 12, including images from each of the fair’s exhibitor subsections.

CHINESE DEMAND Hong Kong art scene bubble to burst?Calgary Times – 21 May 2012 – An article that calls into question the sustainability of the new Hong Kong galleries, citing the recent downturn in Chinese market confidence.

A jadeite pendant that sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong for USD 1.9 million in April 2012.

CHINESE DEMAND Chinese Collectors Will Keep Driving SalesBloomberg – 20 May 2012 – Though not directly related to the fair, this article discusses Sotheby’s Hong Kong strategy, which is still focused on mainland Chinese buyers.

BLOG Hong Kong Art Fair 201220 May 2012 – One blogger’s review of the fair and opinions on several of the works.

BLOG Hong Kong and the Art Fair 201220 May 2012 –  A wrap-up of the fair and several of its peripheral events by two artists. Includes some nice photographs as well.

PHOTOS Lasse-san’s Flikr Photostream20 May 2012 – A few dozen images taken at the fair.

Hong Kong: Asian Elite Flock to Art FairNile International – 19 May 2012 – This article features quotes from several galleries on the fair and the importance of Hong Kong as a contemporary art destination.

The Art Market: Fair overload?Financial Times19 May 2012 – Though impressed by the quality, diversity and size of ART HK, FT Editor-at-Large Georgina Adam ponders whether there are too many art fairs today.

Art HK 2012 Post-Colonial Contemporary Art – Artnet19 May 2012 – In this glowing review, Barbara Pollack rounds up her favorite booths and pushes back on the notion that ART HK is getting too “Western”.

CHINESE DEMAND Chinese desert Hong Kong marketFinancial Times – 18 May 2012 – A slump in Chinese interest comes to a head at the Sotheby’s spring sale.

ART SALES Australian Galleries Clean Up at ART HK 2012 – ARTINFO – 18 May 2012 – ARTINFO looks specifically at the sales figures for Australian galleries, which were looking strong from the outset of the fair

Michael Lin, ‘Untitled’, 2012, mixed media. This site-specific installation for Taiwanese gallery Eslite was the winner of ARTINFO’s “Best Way to Brighten up a Corner” award.

The Best of ART HK 2012, From a Zaha Hadid-Designed Booth to a Pack of Hairless PetsARTINFO – 18 May 2012 – A wrap-up of day two at the fair, that also includes ARTINFO‘s cheeky “Best of” list.

PHOTOS The Best of ART HK 2012ARTINFO – 18 May 2012 – A slideshow of top works from the fair.

Hong Kong in art bonanza – but will it last?Reuters – 18 May 2012 – Though galleries are flocking to Hong Kong in droves, market analysts caution that growth, especially in the high-end market, may be entering a slowdown.

CHINESE DEMAND The Hong Kong International Art Fair: Broadening its reachThe Economist 18 May 2012 – This article zooms in on what ART HK 12 means for Chinese collectors and the Chinese art market in general.

CHINESE DEMAND What Chinese collectors are really buying – The Art Newspaper – 17 May 2012 – An exhaustive report on where Chinese collectors’ interests lie in several auction categories, including Modern & Contemporary and Western art.

ART SALES The Next Global Art Powerhouse – The Wall Street Journal17 May 2012 – In addition to disclosing several high-price sales, this article also provides a demographic breakdown of the ART HK visitors so far.

PHOTOS Art HK ’12 Art Fair – First Look (Part 1), (Part 2) – Arrested Motion – 17 May 2012 – Many, many images taken during the opening days of the fair.

VIDEO Hong Kong International Art Fair Lures Wealthy BuyersBloomberg 16 May 2012 – a video that includes an interview with Magnus Renfrew and talks about the financial strategy of galleries attending ART HK.

Chu Teh Chun, ‘313’, 1969, oil on canvas. Sold by de Sarthe Gallery for USD 3 million.

ART SALES ART HK 2012 Ups Its Game, Drawing Museum-Quality Work and Logging Plenty of SalesARTINFO 16 May 2012 – Many sales details from the opening night of the fair

ART SALES Lady Gaga Portrait, Hirst Lure Billionaires to Hong KongBloomberg16 May 2012 – Find out what sold during the VIP preview.

Better, Not Bigger: Hong Kong Revs up for International Art FairThe New York Times16 May 2012NYT goes into many details about the how of this year’s fair, which organisers hope will see a notable improvement in quality.

In Hong Kong, a Fair in Transition: A Guide to Art HK 2012The Wall Street Journal15 May 2012 –  Several comments from attending gallerists and a “What to See” slideshow.

Art fair gets betterChina Daily13 May 2012 – ART HK Director Magnus Renfrew discusses some practical issues of fair management, as well as his hopes for this year’s fair.

The lure of the eastFinancial Times12 May 2012 – Georgina Adam, who will be in attendance at ART HK, comments on how the Hong Kong art scene has dramatically evolved since the inaugural fair.

New Owners Get ART HK SupersonicTime Out Hong Kong9 May 2012 – This article goes into some of the concerns that Hong Kong art lovers have with the Art Basel takeover, the main fear is that ART HK may risk losing some if its distinctiveness.

Art Basel Sheds Light on Its Asia PlansThe Wall Street Journal – 8 May 2012 – Art Basel Co-Directors Annette Schönholzer and Marc Spiegler go into detail about the recent rebranding of ART HK and Art Basel Miami Beach


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