ART HK 12: Sales figures days 1 and 2


For days one and two of ART HK 12, Art Radar had reporters on the ground interviewing galleries about their experience at the fair. Though it is too early to tell how galleries will ultimately fare, here are a few of the sales figures we have heard so far.

A photo from ART HK 12.

Gallery Quynh from Vietnam reported on Friday 18 May to selling art for between USD3,500 to USD30,000.

Swiss gallery Karma International flew in two artists from Zurich who made an installation out of boxes to look like the Hong Kong skyline. The piece was made specifically for the fair. Individual boxes cost CHF4,000 (USD4,255), while the whole installation costs CHF30,000 (USD 32,000).

Latitude 28 from India brought a single work to the fair, but one that contains several component pieces. As of Friday 18 May they had sold two of the pieces for HKD36,000 (USD4,600) each.

On Friday 18 May, London gallery Rossi & Rossi told us they had sold seven works with prices ranging from USD3,000 to USD36,000.

Taiwanese Chi-Wen Gallery had sold three to four pieces when our reporter spoke to them.

Sales reports from the fair seem positive, with many galleries selling at the vernissage and a select handful selling a large portion of their booths early on. Even among many of the galleries that had sold modestly, confidence was high for the remainder of the fair. Some have also noted that it is easier to sell Asian works at the fair than even blue-chip Western artists like Picasso. According to Chinese contemporary critic Barbara Pollack, Chinese collectors are especially conservative and patriotic. One of the main challenges for galleries at the fair is to make Western contemporary art more appealing to this new group of collectors.


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