The fearsome fours: A bigger, smarter, busier Art Radar

With your continued support, we can realise the age-old US election slogan: four more years!

Art Radar celebrated its fourth birthday in July 2012. Growing up has been a long and rewarding experience, and we’re learning more than ever about the ins and outs of the Asian art world. Thanks, of course, goes to you, our indispensable reader.

Wayne Thiebaud, 'Cakes', 1963, oil on canvas.

Wayne Thiebaud, 'Cakes', 1963, oil on canvas.

Art Radar is thrilled to report our readership is expanding on a daily basis, with many galleries, collectors, dealers and fairs drawing on one of the few editorially independent contemporary art voices in Asia.

We would like to thank all of our amazing readers (and the subjects of our many interviews and articles) for your dedication to this platform over the years. Art Radar is a constantly evolving project and without your support and feedback we’d never be where we are today.

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