Art Radar’s 17 most-searched terms, January to June 2012

Street art and art fairs were among the most popular topics on Art Radar in the first half of 2012.

What draws people to Art Radar? This is a question that is actually fairly easy to answer thanks to Google’s search analytics. The results are in, and they tell us a lot about what Art Radar readers have been interested in over the past six months.

Gery Paulandhika, "Berbeda dan Merdeka 100%", Medan, 2011. Image courtesy Indonesia Street Art Movement.

Gery Paulandhika, 'Berbeda dan Merdeka 100%', Medan, 2011; from a recent article on the budding Indonesia street art movement. Street art has proven to be one of Art Radar's most popular topics.

Art Radar covers a number of topics in contemporary Asian art, but it is always fascinating – and potentially useful from an art research and trend perspective – to take a look at what our readers have been searching for.

The list…

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This list follows on from one published in the first years of Art Radar. Click here to peruse our previous most-searched terms list, covering the period from June 2009 to June 2010.

Street art series stays fresh

One important element in Google’s search functions is how “fresh” a certain article stays over time. So it is no surprise that Art Radar’s most popular (and most searched!) articles are part of a series of posts about street art from 2010. Due to its comprehensive description of several different styles of urban art, the post has proven especially popular among people searching for a primer on the definition of street art. The writer, former Art Radar intern Erin Wooters, is also the author of our series of articles on the Chinese art district in Dafen, which comes in at number fourteen on our list of most searched terms.

All eyes on art fairs

In Asia, where biennales and public art institutions lag somewhat behind economic development in the art world, art fairs play a disproportionately important role as educational and critical platforms in contemporary art. Art Radar aims to provide the best and most comprehensive coverage of all Asian art fairs, so we are delighted that three of these posts have made our most-searched list. For the most popular on the list, ART HK 12, Art Radar was out in full force, interviewing participating galleries about the artists they chose to bring, collecting exclusive sales figures and live-tweeting the educational programmes.

For the 2012 edition of Art Stage Singapore we had our round-up post, which includes all of the best media articles and trends into one concise summary. At Art Beijing 2012, we had a journalist on the ground for a red dot round up, where we polled gallerists around the fair for their sales results and posted images of the sold works.

Talk to us!

What topics would you like to see Art Radar cover in the second half of 2012 and into 2013? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Disclaimer: This list is not a reliable proxy for the most-searched contemporary art on the Internet overall. If we have not written a post on or tagged a topic, search engines will not bring us traffic for this search term and it will not appear in our traffic analysis statistics. Art Radar is still young, having just celebrated its fourth birthday, so it is quite possible that we have not yet covered some higly-searched topics. Even if we have referenced a topic on our site and the topic is highly searched, the searcher will not come to us unless we have a high page ranking for the story on search engines. For example, if the post is, say, after page four in the listed search engine results, the searcher is not as likely to find our post and the search term will not appear in our statistics. Finally, even if we have written a post on a searched term and that post is ranked highly, it may be that other stories on the same page are more alluring than ours and readers do not find their way to us.


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