Winter 2012 art journalism certificate intake: 3 ways Art Radar’s writing diploma is unique

The Winter 2012 intake for Art Radar‘s unique art journalism certificate course is open! Read on to find out just how one-off this course is.

Almost two years and over 30 students in, Art Radar’s art writing certification programme is taking new strides. In response to feedback from our students, we’ve upgraded the programme to a one year diploma, consisting of four twelve-week-long certificate courses.

Unique how?

Art Radar editor Kate Nicholson eyes up the competition at ARCOmadrid 2012.

Art Radar editor Kate Nicholson eyes up the competition at ARCOmadrid 2012.

Live anywhere, learn anytime

Because each of the four certificates in our new one-year-long art writing diploma course are taught entirely online, students can work from any city in the world. All that’s needed is a reliable computer, Internet connection and a passion for contemporary art!

Build a published portfolio

In an effort to avoid adding to the already huge number of portfolios stuffed in the bottom desk draws of art writing students the world over, we guarantee that the articles you write while undertaking our certificate programmes will actually be published. Not only will they be published, they’ll also be seen by our large, discerning readership. Alumni use this portfolio to land auction and publishing house internships, journalism and research positions, gallery roles and much more.

Supported learning

To ensure your work meets the high editorial standards we set for our students and our staff here at Art Radar, your work will be workshopped by not one but two experienced art editors. This one-on-one editorial support is accompanied by a six-module course delivered to you by email fortnightly for the duration of your certificate.

Keen to find out more?

We are currently accepting students for our 101 art writing certificate course. Learn more: click here to visit our art writing diploma information page.

At the bottom of the page you can enter your email for course fee and application information. Winter 2012 intake deadline: Thursday 11 October.

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