Korean Artist Project adds 21 curator-selected artists to website – resource alert

Following the success of its inception in 2011, the Korean Artist Project has updated their website and doubled the number of artists for 2012. 

Along with the inclusion of 21 additional Korean artists in 2012, the Korean Artist Project’s (KAP) upgraded website features virtual exhibitions, a fast-growing trend in the contemporary art scene. The changes could allow more Korean artists to enter the global arena.

Virtual exhibition view of artworks by the artist Juyeon Kim, Korean Artist Project 2012.

Virtual exhibition view of artworks by the artist Juyeon Kim, Korean Artist Project 2012.

The KAP virtual art platform, hosted by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organised by the Korean Art Museum Association, now features a total of 42 participants which have been selected by a number of curators from nineteen Korean art museums and juried by Korean and international art critics. As stated in KAP’s press release,

Providing a wide spectrum of Korean contemporary art including painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, and photography as well as digital art, the Korean Artist Project has become the leading platform for Korean artists. Since its inception on 5 December 2011, the KAP website has been receiving a lot of positive responses from website visitors while providing them with a wide array of information regarding selected Korean artists as well as the Korean contemporary art scene. As a result of its informative website, which acts not only as a communication technology but as a tool for creating an imaginary museum, some participating artists grabbed opportunities to present their exhibitions abroad in the regions of China, Germany, Singapore, France, and so on…

Youngmin KANG, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Total (1), Installation (1)

Youngmin Kang, 'Tornado In Seoul', 2011, digital installation view, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art. Courtesy Korean Artist Project.

The KAP website uses virtual exhibitions to display over 1500 artworks, allowing visitors to explore and create their own journeys.  The site also provides a variety of online services that include collections and artists’ biographies, interviews and the latest relevant news on Korean contemporary art and exhibitions.


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