Crowdsourced, web-based contemporary art projects blossom in Manila – Rappler

The Internet is a crucial platform for art and cultural programmes, especially in parts of Asia where art infrastructure is still developing.

Self-described “social news network” Rappler ran an article in November 2012 on grassroots Filipino cultural projects. These groups use web-based social organisation and crowdfunding to support programming in Southeast Asian contemporary art and art history.

Masthead for the Filipino contemporary art platform Planting Rice, one of the online art networks profiled by Rappler.

Art Initiatives Beyond Physical Spaces” provides a glimpse into the potential for web media and social networking in emerging art regions. According to the article,

Funding for projects is now done through crowdfunding or crowdsourcing. One’s own networks are utilised with the help of online payment methods like Amazon or Paypal that are accessible to anyone with Internet access.

Technology-based initiatives (online and social media) endeavour to collect open-source information, organise discussions, solo art projects, curatorial projects and contemporary discussions in the midst of Manila’s diverse political, cultural, social and economic orientations.

The article then goes on to break down seven initiatives using this model to connect art professionals in the region. The organisations range from online databases of local art events to cross-cultural curatorial projects running lectures and exhibitions that probe Southeast Asia’s contemporary art history and socio-cultural environment.


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