Contemporary art courses as holiday gifts

Knowledge and business savvy can get you where you want to be in the art world. Put an online course on your holiday gift wish list.

Looking for a gift for that friend who already has way too much stuff? Want a present with benefits that will last beyond the holiday season? Think about registering the art lover in your life for an online contemporary art course!

With digital materials and video streaming, online courses are an amazing way to hone your craft. Image by Flikr user Nyuhuhuu.

Did you know that psychologists have shown that money or objects do not make people happy? It is experiences that matter. So when you are searching for that perfect gift for the cultural aficionado (or maybe the art novice) you know, consider signing them up for an online contemporary art course that will enrich their life more than that new gizmo or gadget.

There are lots of options for contemporary art courses out there, making them perfect for both professionals looking to further their careers as well as hobbyists. Here are five great online programmes we found:

1. Art Radar | Diploma in Art Journalism & Writing

Art Radar‘s flagship course in art journalism puts you behind the writer’s desk. Through one-on-one mentoring with our experienced editor Kate Nicholson, you will learn all you need to know about art writing, from conducting interviews to publishing online. You will also build a portfolio of your own writing to be published here on Art Radar. Sign up today!

2. Sotheby’s | several six-week courses in contemporary art topics

In addition to their Master’s programme, Sotheby’s Institute also offers six-week online courses in a range of topics and career orientations, including Understanding Chinese Contemporary Art: Key Issues and ConceptsUnderstanding Trends in the Art Market, and, for those just starting out, Introduction to Contemporary Art. The next semester begins 28 January 2013, so check out their full course list now!

3. MoMA | MoMA Courses Online

Did you know that the famed Museum of Modern Art in New York City also offers courses on art? It’s true! They’re offering several classes in both art history and practice. Plus, MoMA is all about options. For almost all of their programmes, students can choose to take them as five-, eight-, or ten-week courses, and they even have a self-guided version for those on a budget.

4. University of Oxford | Learning to Look at Modern Art

This is your chance to take a course at one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Oxford is now offering online courses, including Learning to Look at Modern Art, a critical primer in modern and contemporary art from 1900 to today. While this is their only online course that covers contemporary art, they also have many other options for those interested in classical art history, including Indian and Islamic art.

5. Cartclab | Controversies in the World of Contemporary Art

This Budapest-based non-profit contemporary art organisation Cartc is now running their second online course, Controversies in the World of Contemporary Art. For this three-week course, art historian Délia Vékony will delve into the quirks of the contemporary art market and how these issues affect artists, professionals and institutions alike.

Do you know of a great online art course we missed? Tell us about it in the comments section!


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