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My Art Tracker, a one-stop platform for all Southeast Asian and Indian contemporary art auction data?

Looking for a way to keep abreast of all of the latest news in the Southeast Asian and Indian contemporary art worlds? My Art Tracker offers a number of ways to review and analyse market data and trends through an easy-to-use online platform.

Screenshot from My Art Tracker.

My Art Tracker was founded by Indian-born artist Kanchana Gupta. The site is an open online platform that allows users to track and review happenings in the Asian contemporary art world. According to the website,

My Art Tracker is an endeavour to bridge the information gap that exists in the Southeast Asian and Indian art space today.  It is based on the needs of art collectors, art enthusiasts and professionals [and allows them] to access all the information about the art market in one place as well as to maintain their own online art portfolio. Our comprehensive database was [designed by] art lovers [for] art lovers, based on collaboration with and contributions from our members, art collectors, artists, auction houses, galleries, art enthusiasts, writers, bloggers or anyone passionate about art.

While the site’s focus is on Southeast Asia and India, they also include artists from East Asia and the Middle East.

What My Art Tracker does

The website allows users to access a variety of data from art auctions and exhibitions, past and present. For market watchers, My Art Tracker has complete sales figures from over a dozen auction houses selling Asian art as well as various analytical tools to organise this data. Users can also search for information by artist, viewing a comprehensive list of all recent artworks up for auction as well as upcoming exhibitions or sales.

Users do not need to sign up to use the site. However, by registering, users can upload event and artist information themselves, adding to the site’s growing Asian contemporary art database. Collectors can also use the site to create their own online “art collection” to track updates from their favourite artists.

The good and the not so

Thumbs up for…

Overall, the website’s vast coverage of contemporary art auctions makes it a handy tool for any dealer or collector looking to keep up with the latest Asian contemporary art auctions.

Potential hiccups

The analytical tools, while helpful for looking at specific sales, are less useful when tracking trends over the long-term, as auction data before 2010 drops off significantly. Also, while the breadth of analytical options is impressive, it occasionally clutters up the site’s navigation, for instance forcing the user to scroll through hundreds of artists to find the one he or she is interested in.

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