Art journalism course winter 2013 intake: Meet the Art Radar Institute team

We’re getting excited! Our January 2013 intake for our Certificate in Art Journalism & Writing 101 is open and we’re gearing up to meet a new group of students.

Before you apply, we thought you might like to know a little bit more about us. We’re a fun team, but don’t worry, we also pride ourselves on our experience and professionalism. Read on to find out who we are and who’ll be working with you on your writing.

Our team

Our founder and course author, Kate Cary Evans

Kate set up Art Radar in 2008 and is proud to have watched it grow into an energetic learning community. She earned her MA at Edinburgh University, has lived in Hong Kong for twenty years and has had her writing published in South China Morning Post, Tatler and various art magazines.

I’m so excited that you’ve decided to sign up to learn about Art Radar Institute and I invite you to think of this course as just the start of an ongoing relationship with us. We’re more than just a journal or a course, we’re a catalyst for connection, opportunities and community, too.

Look out for our City Meet Ups and the other events and activities that we hold from time to time in major cities in Asia and beyond, and check out where the team is based. If you’re passing through one of the cities in which we live, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to meet our students past and present in person over coffee.


Your main contact, course and blog editor, another Kate

Kate Nicholson is our Course Director and she’ll be the person who’ll interview you and work with you closely if you’re accepted into the programme. Kate has a BA in Film, Television and Media Studies from the University of Auckland and has been widely published in culture magazines in Asia and Oceania. Today, she lives in Taichung City, Taiwan.

I’ve seen over thirty students come through this course and I remember each one of their names (and can still spell them… quiz me!) and their unique challenges and talents.

Many students continue to keep in touch with me after they’re done with their course, telling me what’s happening in both their personal and professional lives and asking me for feedback and advice. I look forward to developing a similar relationship with you, too. So, let’s get started!


Our trusty copy editor, Heston

Heston was born in South Africa and is now based in the States, having spent time in Korea and Taiwan as an English teacher. He studied English at the University of Pretoria and has had poetry published in the South African magazine A Look Away.

Welcome to Art Radar Institute! I’m the copy editor and you will meet me for the first time after you complete your first post. It’s my job to guide you through the exciting landscape of grammar and writing.

After you’ve completed each post, I will attempt to provide you with as much constructive feedback as I can, while mapping the progress that you’ve made since your last post. I look forward to helping you take the next step toward becoming a better writer.

Apply now!

Find out about the course contents and structure here.

At the bottom of the page there is a link to our sign up form. Enter your name and email address and we’ll send you pricing and application information.

Be quick! Our January 2013 intake closes on Monday 21 January. Places are limited and we’ll increase the course fee next intake.

If you’d prefer to speak to a real live person, contact to set up a call with Kate Nicholson.


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  1. Thank you, Sidney, for your comment and your interest. Kate Nicholson, the course director, will be in touch very soon with more information.

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