FOCUS 2013 photography festival to map Mumbai ideas, histories – event alert

Mumbai, the growing Indian contemporary art metropolis, is organising a landmark event.

In a notable first for India’s contemporary art scene, FOCUS, Mumbai’s newest photography festival, will run from 13 to 27 March 2013. The event will be hosted in several locations around the city, incorporating local contemporary art practice into the urban environment.

Masthead for FOCUS photography festival in Mumbai.

FOCUS festival will consist of ten exhibitions including fifty artists. Complementing these shows will be a series of lectures, workshops and seminars at contemporary art workspace Studio X Mumbai, as well as a portfolio review service for young photographers. Showcases and pop-up exhibitions will be held in a variety of different locations around the city, including galleries, museums, restaurants, outdoor venues and public spaces.

According to the festival’s website, a central aim of the exhibition is not just to focus on photography, but the art form’s special connection to contemporary urban life.

For the city is not just a collection of physical objects or mass of buildings and roads. It is a collection of thoughts, experiences and ideas. Each individual builds their own unique experiences of their city, forging an identity within it. Photography is one way of translating these experiences, of mapping ideas, thoughts, memories and histories.

As such, the festival has chosen “THE CITY” as the theme for its inaugural year.

Exploring and discovering unusual works against the backdrop of Mumbai’s historic buildings will be part of the festival experience. In this hectic city, where its inhabitants are constantly preoccupied by the hustle and bustle of daily life, the exhibitions will encourage the viewers, in a moment of calm, to look not only at the works on view, but also to relook at their surroundings.

FOCUS is not the only major contemporary art first coming out of India in the past year. The Kochi-Muziris Biennale, India’s first biennale, opened on 12 December 2012, and the United Art Fair, India’s first artist-led contemporary art fair, opened in Delhi in September 2012. In a move that also bodes well for the future of Indian contemporary art, international art news network ARTINFO launched an India-focused website in October 2012, it’s third Asian site.


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