Asia to get dedicated online art selling platform in April 2013 – press release, which bills itself as the first online platform dedicated to modern and contemporary Asian art, will launch on 15 April 2013.

Among the site’s list of innovations is a model of monthly online exhibitions whereby ten works are “thematically selected by in-house specialists and renowned guest curators”. Artshare will also offer collectors the opportunity for physical, private viewings.

Artshare's logo

Artshare's logo.

Read the press release, issued on 25 February 2013, below:



The world’s first online platform dedicated to modern and contemporary Asian art


HONG KONG. –, the world’s first online platform dedicated to the exhibition and sale of modern and contemporary Asian art, will launch on 15 April 2013. Artshare will offer a unique access to artworks and an in-depth curatorial expertise, thanks to a highly experienced team and an innovative viewing model.


Artshare will bring a new approach to buying art for international collectors. Rather than showcasing hundreds of artworks, Artshare handpicks the best pieces for its members. Each month, there will be a curated exhibition online, featuring ten works, thematically selected by In-house specialists and renowned guest curators. With in-depth research on each artwork, Artshare aims to share the expertise and knowledge of leading figures in art.


Different from any other platform, artworks are selected from a powerful group of leading private collections, established and emerging artists, internationally renowned galleries, as well as other sources in Artshare’s unique network. Its pro-active and diversified sourcing strategy stems from the philosophy that art is about having the right access, and that it should be shared.


Artshare believes in combining modernity and tradition. Its mobile-friendly website uses advanced technology to offer its visitors a unique viewing experience. Beyond the virtual landscape, Artshare is also the world’s first web-based platform to give collectors the opportunity for physical, private viewings. This flexible and innovative experience marks Artshare as a unique new online/offline model.


Artshare offers a clear and transparent platform, providing readily available pricing information, and a straightforward enquiry and sales system supported by dedicated specialists. Focusing on painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, Artshare will offer artworks from USD10,000 up. It will also provide a private sales avenue to work with collectors on sourcing and selling art above USD100,000.


Artshare’s highly experienced team brings with them a wealth of experience from prestigious institutions such as MoMA, Marlborough Gallery, and Asia Art Archive. Artshare’s premiere position in Asia is supported by an Asian Art Advisory Committee composed of leading experts: Johnson Chang, Curator, and founder of Hanart TZ Gallery; Adrian Cheng, Cultural entrepreneur, and founder of K11; Philip Dodd, Author, curator, and advisor; Pearl Lam, Gallerist, founder of Pearl Lam Galleries; and Dominique & Sylvain Levy, Collectors, founders of the DSL Collection.


Launching at a critical time where Asia is at the focus of the global art scene, Artshare is based in Hong Kong and deeply entrenched throughout the Asian continent. is supported by a group of prominent individual investors across Asia and Europe.


Artshare will be announcing its inaugural show at the end of March 2013. The online exhibition will start on 15 April and feature artworks by major contemporary Chinese artists.


“The Asian art scene today is one of the most exciting in the world. The entire point of Artshare is to guide collectors in this fascinating journey, giving them access to the best artworks on a very easy-to-use and content driven platform.”


Alexandre Errera, Founder & CEO



“Today, having an innovative approach to show art is compulsory. I am particularly excited about the personal touch and intimate scale Artshare offers, both in terms of collecting and curating shows.”

Johnson Chang

“Innovative galleries who understand and recognise artistry and talent before they become museum pieces inspire me; Artshare understands this, continuously discovering new Asian contemporary artists and bringing their creativity and diversity to the global art scene.”


Adrian Cheng

“The world needs an intelligent, personal and yet global platform where the best of Asian art can be seen. I strongly believe that Artshare will be such a platform.”


Philip Dodd

“Artshare is a dynamic platform for art collectors in the digital age, who want convenience and access to trusted art professionals while perusing quality art. It is also a fantastic opportunity to showcase Asian modern and contemporary art across the globe, furthering cross-cultural exchange.”


Pearl Lam

“In the 21st century the notion of space will become borderless. Artshare is Art for everyone, for every where, at any time.”


Dominique & Sylvain Levy


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