Appreciating and buying contemporary Asian art – April 2013 Hong Kong lecture

Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic places in today’s global art market and attracts curators from leading museums and institutions, international dealers and many artists from auction stars to street artists.

This global art market is also a market place where the traditional ways of buying and selling works of art through galleries, dealers and auction houses are being undermined by a new on-line and often unregulated market place.

Kate Cary Evans

Kate Cary Evans

This lecture is designed to give practical advice on how to safely navigate a way through this fast moving and rapidly changing market and will cover:

  • the mysterious “system of gates” and why it is essential to understand them.
  • the top three questions that a dealer should be asked before handing over any money.
  • how to decipher the hidden clues in an artist’s biography to ascertain whether the artist is well regarded.
  • which website tools to use to check if a work is appropriately priced before buying.
  • secret tips and tricks that established collectors don’t share about choosing art works and negotiating with galleries.

Lecture: Appreciating and Buying Contemporary Asian Art

Date: April 24 2013
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Venue: Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, 9, Justice Drive, Admiralty
Cost: $180 members of either Friends or the Asia Society; $230 non-members
Registration: Places should be reserved in advance.

Click here to register for this talk on the Asia Society website.

Contact: Elizabeth Miles,

About the Speaker:

Kate Cary Evans has been studying, writing and lecturing about contemporary art for almost thirty years. She has written for Saatchi Online, Hong Kong Tatler, South China Morning Post and various Asian art magazines. She founded Art Radar Asia in 2008, an online resource that today has over 10,000 followers and is read by leading collectors, curators and scholars from international institutions such as Princeton and MoMA. She has spoken extensively to collectors, the art trade, students and scholars. Most recently she taught art writing at Hong Kong Baptist University and was involved in a scholarly panel discussion hosted by Casa Asia at ARCOMadrid.

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