One decade of Art Fair Tokyo

The 10th edition of Art Fair Tokyo opens during cherry blossom season in late March.

For its 10th anniversary, the Fair will present contemporary art as well as antiques and crafts, in addition to the 5th iteration of “Artistic Practices”, an exhibition of Japanese art from classical to contemporary times.

View of ART FAIR TOKYO 2014. Photo : Munetoshi Iwashita. Image courtesy Art Fair Tokyo.

View of ART FAIR TOKYO 2014. Photo : Munetoshi Iwashita. Image courtesy Art Fair Tokyo.

Art Fair Tokyo 2015, open to the public from 20 to 22 March 2015, celebrates its tenth anniversary with a unique programme of satellite events, a specially curated section, an art award, forums and talks.

The 2015 iteration of the Fair will see the participation of around 140 local and international galleries from thirty cities worldwide. The North Wing will feature around ninety booths, with a focus on antiques and modern art; the entrance to the fair will showcase galleries exhibiting applied art from Japan. The South Wing will be dedicated to contemporary art, with around forty galleries from Japan and abroad. This wing will also showcase a jewellery section and the “Artistic Practices” exhibition, which has been expanded for the Fair’s anniversary.

The contemporary section includes galleries such as Taka Ishii Gallery (Tokyo), Tomio Koyama Gallery (Tokyo/Singapore), Ota Fine Arts (Tokyo/Singapore), Zero Art Center (Beijing) and H Zone (Seoul), among others. In addition to the galleries, most of which are from Japan, the South Wing also features four Partner Booths:

  • Deutsche Bank Group, featuring Deutsche Bank Artist of the Year 2015 Koki Tanaka
  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO (YOSHIROTTEN by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo)
  • Kyoto International Film and Art Festival
  • Archive of Modern Conflict (Image Collection and Publishing – AMC Books, London)
Yasumasa Morimura, 'Self-portrait/ White Marilyn'. © the artist. Image courtesy ShugoArts.

Yasumasa Morimura, ‘Self-portrait/ White Marilyn’. © the artist. Image courtesy ShugoArts.

Artistic Practices from the Venice Biennale

Launched in 2011, Artistic Practices is at its fifth iteration this year, and has been expanded to celebrate the Fair’s tenth anniversary. The section showcases artworks and projects that are exemplary of Japanese creativity throughout the ages in a diverse range of media. Previous editions have examined the history of Japanese painting and juxtaposed Japanese antiques with contemporary art.

This year, Artistic Practices features two parts:

  • Pop Rimpa / Rimpa Pop
  • Japanese Contemporary Art at the Venice Biennale
Taro Yamamoto, 'Red and White Plum Trees'. © Taro Yamamoto. Image courtesy of Imura Art Gallery.

Taro Yamamoto, ‘Red and White Plum Trees’. © Taro Yamamoto. Image courtesy of Imura Art Gallery.

“Pop Rimpa / Rimpa Pop” showcases the work of nine artists, from ancient to contemporary times, that are characterised by the timeless pop spirit of Rimpa. The Rimpa school of painting, started by Tawaraya Sotatsu, Honami Koetsu and Ogata Korin 400 years ago, is an art movement that spread overseas and had great influence on Impressionism, modern art and even contemporary design.

The “Japanese Contemporary Art at the Venice Biennale” section is divided into two parts.

1. “Contemporary Diversity” presents the work of eight Japanese artists who have exhibited at the prestigious biennial event, including Tatsuo Miyajima (Aperto 1988/1999), Mariko Mori (1997/2005), Yasumasa Morimura (Aperto 1988), Chiharu Shiota (Japan Pavilion 2015), Tabaimo and Tomoko Yoneda (Japan Pavilion 2011).

2. “Twentieth-century Mono-ha” features examples of Mono-ha, which has recently been garnering renewed global attention. The section includes five artists that have exhibited at the Venice Biennale between 1970 and 2000: Toshikatsu Endo (1988/1990/2013), Susumu Koshimizu (1976/1980), Saburo Muraoka (1990), Kishio Suga (1978/1995) and Shigeo Toya (1988).

Toshikatsu Endo, 'Void - sinking boat'. Photo by Hideto Nagatsuka. Image courtesy SCAI THE BATHHOUSE.

Toshikatsu Endo, ‘Void – sinking boat’. Photo by Hideto Nagatsuka. Image courtesy SCAI THE BATHHOUSE.

A rich anniversary programme

Art Fair Tokyo will also feature a rich programme (PDF download), including satellite events such as the media art festival AMIT (Art, Media, and I, Tokyo) and “Media Poiesis – The Possibilities of Creativity Produced by Cities and Art”.

There will be a symposium entitled “Design the Future”, as well as the Asian Art Forum and other talks on art, the art market, art production, curatorial practice and more. Among other highlights are the 8th Annual Bacon Prize – awarded to an artist under fifty years of age selected from those exhibiting at the fair – and an art banquet, “Park Night 2015: Meteorites”.

C. A. Xuan Mai Ardia


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