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An Art Radar student conducts an interview in a Hong Kong gallery.

An Art Radar student conducts an interview in a Hong Kong gallery.

At Art Radar Institute, we help people learn new skills, connect with the art community and change their careers for the better with our flagship writing course, the Certificate in Art Journalism & Writing 101. Book your place now!

Here are just some of the comments we hear from our satisfied students:

I like that the institute is treating me like a real journalist and [I’m] not just learning with a teacher or professor. It is like I am a writer for Art Radar and I have an article to produce with a deadline. […] The entire course was fun and useful. I had a blast!

Kenesha Julius, St. Kitts & Nevis, 2016 alumna

It’s a clear, concise, systematic course. I have received an overall understanding about art writing. It gives me the opportunity to test which type of writing suits me most, so I can focus on more effectively. The feedback scheme also gives me more solutions and courage regarding how I can further work on my writing skills.

– Suquin, China, 2016 alumna

I found the writing of the article to be the most challenging: I was given a YouTube video as a starting point and the whole big world of my artist developed from there. We had great guidance and support all of the way through and I could feel my work changing with each submission. I am very pleased with my development through this course.

Barbara Eadie, Canada, 2014 alumna

It was great doing the Art Radar writing course, it has given me more self-confidence when it comes to writing about art and writing in English. Although I know there is still so much to learn and to improve, I now have the feeling that I can actually learn these things.

Nora Gantert, Germany, 2013 alumna

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