Larry’s List launches the Private Art Pass in 2017 – interview

The largest collectors database Larry’s List launches the Private Art Pass to foster exchange between private art collectors and institutions worldwide.

Art Radar speaks to Larry’s List to find out more about the initiative, which gives access to collections all over the world, including 50 international museums and art fairs.

The Private Art Pass 2017, Larry's List. Image courtesy Larry's List.

The Private Art Pass 2017, Larry’s List. Image courtesy Larry’s List.

Hong Kong-based Larry’s List is the leading art collector editorial and knowledge platform that provides data, research and access to contemporary art collectors worldwide. Larry’s List’s art collector database contains over 3,500 profiles of art collectors from more than 70 countries, and is based on the most comprehensive research ever done on art collectors.

In 2015, Larry’s List published the Art Collector Report 2014, the most comprehensive study on contemporary art collectors worldwide, and in 2016, the Private Art Museum Report, a global overview on the landscape of privately founded contemporary art museums.

In 2017, Larry’s List launched the Private Art Pass, following on the success of the 2016 Private Museum Pass. The new Pass grants complimentary access to private museums as well as a selection of public institutions worldwide and can be used as a VIP ticket at 14 art fairs around the globe.

Among the participating institutions are M Woods and the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing, China), MAIIAM (Chiang Mai, Thailand), Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Turin, Italy), Elgiz Museum (Istanbul, Turkey), Blenheim Art Foundation (Oxfordshire, UK), The Farjam Foundation (Dubai, UAE) and Dallas Contemporary (Dallas, USA). Among the art fairs are Art 021 in Shanghai, Art Central in Hong Kong, Asia Now Paris, 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in New York and London, and Expo Chicago.

Art Radar spoke with Larry’s List’s Co-founder Christoph Noe and Director of The Ministry of Art Ltd. in Hong Kong, and Head of Business Development Max Bossier to find out more about the initiative and what it offers.

Aerial view of Art Central 2017. Image courtesy Art Central.

Aerial view of Art Central 2017. Image courtesy Art Central.

How did the idea for a private art pass come about?

Back in 2015, Larry’s List published a book on private art museums, on which we worked together with many private museum founders and collectors. Hence, the idea of fostering a stronger network between museum founders came up. We want them to visit their collections all over the world, discover new museums and foster a dialogue. This lead to the launch of the Private Museum Pass in 2016. The feedback, particularly by art fairs and public museums, was so good that we decided to broaden the scope of the pass in 2017. We renamed it to “THE PRIVATE ART PASS” and included over 50 international museums and art fairs in the Pass programme this year.

Who is the private art pass thought for? How is one eligible for the private pass?

The Pass is an exclusive card for art collectors. It cannot be purchased and is distributed exclusively to selected art collectors, art KOLs and friends of Larry’s List. To receive a Pass, one has to be selected by either Larry’s List or one of our partners.

Why did you choose to limit the number of the passes to only 3,000 in an international art world that is ‘overpopulated’ by VIPs?

By limiting the number of passes we give out to 3000 we chose to stay exclusive. We are very confident that each of the pass holders is a great addition as a guest to all participating institutions.

M WOODS, Beijing. Image courtesy M WOODS. Photo: Xia Zhi.

M WOODS, Beijing. Image courtesy M WOODS. Photo: Xia Zhi.

How did you get your partners and sponsors involved? What are the special offers and conditions that your partners reserve for private pass holders?

An exclusive card, only distributed to renowned art collectors is an attractive opportunity for every sponsor or partner. This year we are happy to welcome Artron, the Rolls-Royce Arts Programme and G4Si as partners. They offer the card holders special conditions and treatment such as invites to their art events, access to VIP lounges or discount on their services.

How did you go about partnering with institutions, museums and art fairs? What can private pass holders expect to get by visiting these places with the pass?

During the last year, we were contacted by many international art fairs. They asked us if they could participate in our Pass programme and we were happy to welcome them. Additionally, Larry’s List already had strong ties to many public and private museums all over the world through earlier projects. As we told them about the Private Art Pass, they were excited to participate from the start.

Pass holders receive access to an enormous range of private and public museums, from the renowned Boijmans in Rotterdam, Netherlands to museums in South America or exciting privately founded museums in China such as the Sifang Museum in Nanjing or the Long Museum in Shanghai. Additionally, Pass holders can use the Pass as a VIP ticket to some of the best fairs in the world, such as Expo Chicago, Liste Basel or Art Central Hong Kong.

"She: International Women Artists Exhibition", (2016) Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai, ground floor gallery with Louise Bourgeois, 'Crouching Spider', 2003. Image courtesy Andrew Stooke.

“She: International Women Artists Exhibition”, (2016) Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai, ground floor gallery with Louise Bourgeois, ‘Crouching Spider’, 2003. Image courtesy Andrew Stooke.

How long does the pass last? Is it forever or is it renewable?

The Pass is valid for one year, from January 2017 to January 2018. Next year, we will publish a new Pass with an even larger scope. Stay tuned!

And ultimately, with the creation of this private pass, what do you hope to strengthen in the existing relationships between Larry’s List, institutions, collectors, art professionals, and others?

The goal of The Private Art Pass is to create a strong network of collectors, private museum founders, public museums and art fairs. Collectors from China can discover private museums in Europe through our Pass and exchange with other private museum founders. American collectors can discover new art fairs and museums in Asia, which they would have never heard of without the Pass.

We want to foster exchange and dialogue within a strong network of private art collectors and museums founders worldwide.

C. A. Xuan Mai Ardia


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