Wishing Art Radar readers a Happy Holiday Season 2017

Dear Art Radar Readers,


Another eventful year in the arts is coming to a close. It has also been a year full of new satisfactions and achievements for Art Radar.

We are pleased that the number of our followers and subscribers has grown to nearly 30,300 across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Feedly, with peaks of over 31,100 unique website visitors per month.

Although we have recently had to say goodbye to one of our trusted staff writers, Anna Jamieson, who will be pursuing her PhD, the AR Team has also taken on board Junni Chen, and will soon welcome a new Staff Writer in January 2018. This year, we have once again been invited to nominate artists for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize, after three of our nominees for the 11th edition in 2014/2015 were shortlisted, with our nominee Anida Yoeu Ali winning the award, and 5 of our nominated artists making the shortlist for the 12th edition in 2016/2017.

The invitation by Sovereign to be nominators demonstrates that we are passionate about exploring and discovering contemporary art practices in Asia, and are able to bring to the attention of our readers artists of current and future importance, including both young emerging and unsung established artists.

This autumn has also seen the set up of our new Art Radar’s Art Career Accelerator group on Facebook, which now has more than 860 members, and provides a platform to learn how to build a career in the art world, network with other professionals in the field and get tips from fellow artists, curators, writers and more.

Thukral and Tagra, 'Memorial - a', 2016-17, iron, wood, mica, granite and nylon net, 79 x 65 x 17.5 in|200 x 165 x 44.5 cm. Courtesy the artist and Nature Morte, New Delhi. Photo: Dhruv Malhotra.

Thukral and Tagra, ‘Memorial – a’, 2016-17, iron, wood, mica, granite and nylon net, 79 x 65 x 17.5 in|200 x 165 x 44.5 cm. Courtesy the artist and Nature Morte, New Delhi. Photo: Dhruv Malhotra.

As Art Radar prepares for another exciting and challenging new year ahead, its last newsletter of the year on 21 December 2017 features some in-depth articles and interviews on exhibitions of Asian, Middle Eastern and African art around the world. Last year in our last newsletter before the holidays we featured the life and work of late influential Chinese artist Chen Shaoxiong (1956-2016). This year, another pioneering artist from China’s ’85 New Wave movement, Geng Jianyi (1962-2017), has sadly left us. Check back on Art Radar in January 2018 for a tribute profile of Geng and his significant oeuvre.

For those of you still looking for an art gift out there, remember you can always take advantage of The Artling + Art Radar‘s coupon gift offer until 31 December 2017. Moreover, if you would like to get published in 2018 or know someone who would like to learn the ‘art of writing about art’, get in touch with Art Radar Institute and benefit from the discount offer on the Certificate in Art Journalism & Writing 101 valid until end of 2017.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all 30,300+ Art Radar followers and subscribers a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to come on behalf of myself, the AR Team and our Chief Editor Kate Cary Evans, hoping that you will enjoy our last, rich newsletter of the year through these holidays, providing interesting new ways of seeing art from Asia, the Middle East and Africa.


C. A. Xuan Mai Ardia

Managing Editor

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