Ignite your art career with Art Radar’s new Art Career Accelerator Group on Facebook

Boost your art career with Art Radar‘s Art Career Accelerator Group.

Discover tips and tricks to start, develop and boost your career in the art world, and share your knowledge with art colleagues. Learn from and meet other art professionals by joining this new group by Art Radar on Facebook now.

Facebook Group header Art Radar Art Career Accelerator

Do you want to be part of the art world?

Are you an art professional or artist?

Are you just starting out, looking to develop your career or already established?

Wherever you are on the art world pyramid…

Art Radar‘s Art Career Accelerator Group

is a place where you can fast track your art career by

1) learning tips and strategies

2) getting answers to all your burning art career and art business questions

3) networking with other art professionals (dealers, curators, art space managers, museum staff, artists, auction staff).

The Art Radar team has been active in the art world since 2008 and has now numerous contacts on every corner of the globe and in every part of the art ecosystem.

If we can’t find an answer to your question… then we probably know someone who can. And you could meet them through our new Facebook group.

Since its founding in October 2017, we now have 896 members in the group talking about their art career success, sharing tips and know-how. Curators, dealers, artists, writers, auction specialists and online art platform founders are amongst our founding members from around the world. If you want art career success join us.

Just hop over to Art Radar‘s Art Career Accelerator Group to join us today. We are excited to learn more about how we can help you with your art business and art career goals.

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