Cambodian performance art: “Roundtables” seminar

Artists, curators and researchers explore performance art in Cambodia in a day-long seminar – “Roundtables: The Body, the Lens, the City”. Critical issues including the use of the body, art in the context of the city scape and the role of documentation in performance were on the agenda.

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Crossing China in 7 cities – book review

China’s diverse art scene is brought together in Crossing China, a comprehensive overview spanning 25 years. Seven major Chinese cities form the backbone of this accessible coffee table book on the chaotic, confusing and dazzling story of China’s contemporary art. … Continue reading

“Southeast Asian art history doesn’t have a canon yet”: Isabel Ching – interview

Art Radar speaks with Isabel Ching, curator of the Brandnew Art Projectin Bangkok, about the Project, her research into Conceptualism and her thoughts on art in Southeast Asia.

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Singapore’s Art in Transit

Art in Transit, Singapore’s largest public art programme to date, is brightening up the daily commute for the inhabitants of the city-state, with works by artists such as Lee Wen and Chua Ek Kay popping up all over the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations.

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Indian artist Nalini Malani talks myth, metaphor and women – interview

Winner of the Fukuoka Arts and Culture Prize 2013, Indian artist Nalini Malani talks to Art Radar about her search for a language that transcends boundaries and being a woman in a man’s world.

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