ArtPrice launches new index: ArtPrice100®

The French art market database creates a new index focusing on blue-chip artists exclusively.

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Rich swap stocks for art: Investment, passion or a bit of both?

A recent Deloitte and ArtTactic study concludes that the wealthy are allocating more funds into art, driving up art prices to record levels. What is driving this trend and is it sustainable, or even true?

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Which museums are collecting Chinese contemporary art? New database just released

MUSEUM COLLECTIONS CHINESE ART The AW Asia gallery in New York has just released a valuable new resource for collectors and researchers intererested in Chinese contemporary art. Searchable by artist or museum its database, which is available online at no cost, lists Chinese … Continue reading

Mei Moses art index founder plans Chinese version, optimistic about Chinese art

CHINESE ART PRICES The current state of Chinese art prices was discussed  before members of the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of China who had gathered at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) to hear a dialogue between UCCA director Jerome … Continue reading

Artprice launches web-based art collection management and valuation service free to subscribers

ART MANAGEMENT  VALUATION Free asset valuation and management tools are ubiquitous in the financial sector and it was just a matter of time before similar offerings were released by art service companies. Artprice offers automatic valuations of collectors’ portfolios using a … Continue reading

Crisis to impact art prices, number of Asian collectors increases – Business Times

ART PRICES FINANCIAL CRISIS With fear at near panic levels recently in the stock market, it would seem almost anomalous that life goes on in some segments of alternative investments. No, we’re not talking about hedge funds or commodities, both of … Continue reading

Indian art market confidence falls in latest ArtTactic survey – Indian Art News

INDIAN ART MARKET CONFIDENCE The financial markets around the world are gradually recovering from a cardiac arrest, the banking system is being rebooted with help of government intervention and nationalisation. Most Western economies are heading for a recession. Emerging markets … Continue reading

Mei Moses art index founder talks about financial crisis and art – Artnet

FINANCIAL CRISIS IMPACT ART Michael Moses, a finance professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business, may well be the art-world’s most famous academic expert on art prices. With his colleague Jianping Mei, Moses co-developed the Mei Moses Index, … Continue reading