Emerging curators “In search of Miss Ruthless” at Para Site, Hong Kong – interview

Curators Hera Chan and David Xu Borgonjon explore the unlikely relationship between Chinese diaspora queer subjectivities and the infrastructure of the beauty pageant in new group exhibition.

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Knot alone: the “Imaginary Friends” of Afghanistan’s Jeanno Gaussi – artist profile

A marriage of found objects and 13th century knotting technique populate Jeanno Gaussi’s labour-intensive series “Imaginary Friends”.

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Preview: Month-long performance series celebrates relaunch of multi-purpose art space ArtisTree in Hong Kong

The new 7,000 square feet venue aims to foster the growth of young talents and mid-career artists, with a focus on the performing arts.

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“Turtle, Lion and Bear”: Chinese artist He Xiangyu at Qiao Space, Shanghai

Shanghai’s Qiao Space presents a major exhibition of He Xiangyu’s work with traditional paintings and drawings as well as an immersive environment with multiple screen projections.

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“The Winding Path to Trueness”: Chinese artist Zheng Guogu explores energy, space and human experience at Vitamin Creative Space’s Mirrored Gardens

In the exhibition presented in Mirrored Gardens in the Panyu District of Guangzhou, Zheng Guogu creates a space where energy converges.

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“Chinese Whispers and Other Stories”, photography-based exhibition tours Canberra and Melbourne, Australia

Four young female Australia-based artists explore cultural identity and ‘Asianness’ in exhibitions in Canberra and Melbourne. Art Radar takes a closer look at the themes that intrigue all four artists. From 27 April to 21 May 2017 Canberra’s Manuka Arts … Continue reading

Transformative traditions: Dana Langlois and Reaksmey Yean of Cambodia’s JavaArts – in conversation

Java Café and Gallery founder Dana Langlois and Curator for Creative Programmes Reaksmey Yean speaks with Art Radar about their inception nearly two decades on and its ever-evolving future projects.

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