What is … Japanese “Micropop”? Art Radar explains

As part of its “What is…?” series, Art Radar unpacks the phenomenon of Micropop: a philosophy, form of expression and aesthetic movement in the younger Japanese postwar generation.

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6 artists to know at the Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale 2014

Art Radar profiles 6 artists who stretch the concept of sculpture beyond material objects. The 8th edition of the Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale runs at the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal in Nanshan until 31 August 2014. Art Radar investigates its curatorial … Continue reading

“Ten Million Rooms of Yearning”: Art, sex and desire in Hong Kong – curator interview

Para Site’s “Ten Million Rooms of Yearning. Sex in Hong Kong” curators talk to Art Radar about the connections between sex and sexuality, desire and the city’s social and historical contexts that inform the show.

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“Imago Mundi”: Tiny windows to a great big (art) world – in pictures

Luciano Benetton’s ever-growing micro-artwork exhibit “Imago Mundi”, which presents a great atlas of the world and of humanity through art, comes to Treviso, Italy in its third showing.

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Figurines, fantasy and Edo Pop: 3 Japan-inspired art exhibitions to see in July 2014

Art Radar looks at 3 current exhibitions around Asia exploring contemporary and traditional Japanese art and reflect on the nation’s cultural legacies.

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Japan’s Koki Tanaka named Deutsche Bank Artist of the Year 2015

Japan-born artist Koki Tanaka who magically transform matters of the everyday into fantastic events is named 2015 Artist of the Year by Deutsche Bank in the sixth iteration of the annual prize.

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What is…digital art? Art Radar explains

Art Radar’s “What is…?” series brings you the basics of digital art: its history and development, the most prominent artists working in the field in Asia and the latest events focusing on the medium.

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