Sweet repetition: Nepali artist Youdhi Maharjan – artist profile

Art Radar speaks to Nepali artist Youdhi Maharjan’s, as his meditative cut-out collages go on display at Seraphin Gallery, Philadelphia.

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Multimedia artist Nep Sidhu’s “Shadows in the Major Seventh” at Surrey Art Gallery

Emerging artist Nep Sidhu’s “Shadows in the Major Seventh” reveals his multimedia practice which yields explorations around the themes of the divine feminine, ancestor veneration and the intersection of myth and history.

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Turning passion into reality: gallerist Kristin Hjellegjerde – interview

Art Radar catches up with London-based gallerist Kristin Hjellegjerde to find out more about her recent entry in the contemporary art scene, her newest projects and musings on art fairs.

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Care, insight and connectivity: Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes curates Noah Davis and Kahlil Joseph at the Frye Art Museum – interview

“Young Blood: Noah Davis, Kahlil Joseph, The Underground Museum” celebrates the work of painter Noah Davis, filmmaker Kahlil Joseph and The Underground Museum, conceived to bring art to the residents of a community not served by the city’s already existing arts institutions.

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Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 – Rolling media round up [updated: 29 March 2016]

Bringing you daily news bytes from Art Basel Hong Kong 2016. Art Radar picks out the best local and international coverage of the Swiss fair’s fourth edition in Asia’s hottest art hub.   Reviews and sales reports Where Does Art Central Go … Continue reading

Art Central 2016 in Hong Kong: the art fair as a centre of change – round-up

Art Radar rounds up the second edition of Art Central, Hong Kong’s newest art fair. Established in 2015, Art Central entered an art scene already dominated by global players. This year’s figures however show that the newcomer, rather than vying … Continue reading

Iran beyond conflict: the colourful world of Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar – interview

Art Radar speaks with Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar to learn more about his unmistakable style, burgeoning art foundation and upcoming series of interactive art films.

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