2 Taiwanese ink artists to know: Yuan Hui-Li and Shi Jin-Hua

Art Radar takes a look at the solo exhibitions by Taiwanese artists Yuan Hui-Li and Shi Jin-Hua, held at Tina Keng Gallery and TKG+ respectively, until 10 September 2017.

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“The End Product is Mysterious”: Indonesian artist Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo – artist profile

The Bandung-based artist pushes traditional modes of painting to its limits, using resin to create large-scale experimental works.

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Growing grass for dogs: Curating with Indian artist Jitish Kallat in Melbourne – interview

In an interview with Bala Starr, co-curator of “Jitish Kallat: Circa”, Art Radar gains some insight into how the exhibition came about and what it is like to work with Jitish Kallat.

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Fire, soot and Sanskrit: Interview with Japanese artist Etsuko Ichikawa

Works in Etsuko Ichikawa’s newest series, “Aquagraphs”, are on display at the Seattle Art Museum’s TASTE Restaurant in an exhibition that runs until 10 February 2013. We interview the artist to find out more.

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Collateral damage: Indian artist Sheela Gowda burns installation in UK gallery

Sheela Gowda, in conversation with Grant Watson, curator of her first UK solo “Therein & Besides”, discusses her ash and incense installation Collateral.

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Zhang Huan’s “Ashman” first retrospective exhibition in Europe – interview

The first European retrospective exhibition on Zhang Huan, titled “Ashman”, was recently presented at PAC – Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea of Milan, from July 7 to September 12, 2010. Art Radar interviews the artist and the curator, Elena Geuna to find out more about the works, the exhibition, Zhang Huan’s practice across various medium, and the significance of staging it a European context.

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Why do critics like Zhang Huan but not his show? Live pigs installation at White Cube 2009 – review roundup

CHINESE ANIMAL INSTALLATION ART REVIEW Zhang Huan is known for his performance acts of physical and psychological endurance. This time, however, he left that act up to a couple of pigs. Zhang Huan’s first show at White Cube Zhang’s first exhibition … Continue reading

Sneak a peak at the Chinese art collection and private residence of dealer diva Pearl Lam

CHINESE ART DEALER COLLECTOR Famous for occasionally not attending her own dinner parties, larger than life Hong Kong-born Shanghai-based dealer (Contrasts Gallery) and collector Pearl Lam allows CCTV into her private gallery and her residence with a video camera to … Continue reading